Worship Pastor

gracepointe church

Job Description

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Job Description

Worship Pastor – Full Time

January 2023

A.    We desire that the worship pastor, along with all other pastors, first and foremost have a faithful, daily walk with Jesus.

1.    Through a spirit of humility seek to point people to Jesus.

2.    Be involved in the shepherding of the church body

3.     Provide spiritual leadership for the worship band.

B.    The worship pastor will oversee the general music programs of the church in consultation with the senior pastor

1.    Lead all aspects of planning and performance of the worship services.

2.    Develop and schedule teams of instrumentalists and vocalists.

3.    Organize and lead weekly practices.

4.    Assume pastoral and discipleship care of the worship and A/V teams. Some of these team members cannot attend regular small groups due to practice schedules.

5.    Manage volunteer schedules for computer, sound, and video.

6.    Oversee sound/video/lights.

7.    Prepare and input media for services (in coordination with current volunteer director)

8.    Check and prepare stage sound equipment.

9      Manage and maintain stage presentation.

10   Develop and manage the music budget in consultation with the Worship Band.

C.    Oversee worship ministries for student and children ministries

1.    Help develop student talents and leadership.

2.     Serve as a resource and assist in children’s music and worship (VBS, special events, KZA etc.)

D. General Duties

1.    The worship pastor will maintain regular office hours in cooperation with the pastoral staff

2.    Work with pastoral staff to provide leadership

3.    Attend, assist and support all church-wide events. Be involved in setting up and tear down.

4.    Assist in funerals and weddings that are held at the church

E. Qualifications

1. A Christian with deep spiritual and moral convictions.

2. Have training/experience in worship ministry.

3. Agreement with the doctrinal position of Gracepointe Church and will join the church.

4. Ability to lead, organize, and supervise.

5. Proficient in church software such as Planning Center and ProPresenter; Able to use Click and Tracks.

6. Team player: contributes to the overall vision, goals, and ministries of the church.

7. Self-starter; self-motivated; teachable.

8. Works well within the pastoral and church culture.

About gracepointe church

Gracepointe is 15 years old. We started with 40 people and now have approx 750-800 on a weekend. We are gospel-centered. Expository preaching. We have a lot of young families. Strong children's ministry. We have a number of community-wide outreach events each year. We use the phrase "Offering hope and healing to the hopeless and hurting" a lot. Evangelism and Discipleship are both important to us.

Experience Required
10-15 years


Education Required
Some College

Date Posted
10 months ago
Denton, Texas

Baptist: SBC

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