Parish Mission Coordinator

St. Luke's Episcopal Church

Job Description

Saint Luke’s Episcopal Church, Auburn CA (St. Luke’s), seeks to employ a part-time Parish Mission Coordinator (PMC) to assist the Clergy, Vestry and parishioners in the mission and management of the church.


This position is pastoral as well as administrative, and the PMC is expected to follow Scriptural standards for ministers, and to strive, by God’s grace, to show forth Christian virtues and the fruits of the Holy Spirit.


The PMC is the public face of the parish and an essential member of our ministry team at St. Luke’s, working with clergy and parish members to carry out the mission and ministries of the church. The PMC must be dedicated to the success and growth of the parish and support the vision of the Rector and Vestry.




The PMC is expected to have an active, engaged spiritual life and to be a member in good standing of a local Christian congregation. The PMC should be willing to conform to the doctrine, discipline and worship of the 1979 Book of Common Prayer and to hold to the entirety of the historic Christian faith as articulated in the Nicene Creed.


The PMC will be expected to care for and encourage all members of St. Luke’s, as well as all visitors, guests, vendors and workers who visit our campus. The PMC should be a supportive and reconciling presence, assisting the Rector, Deacons, Wardens and Vestry in creating a welcoming, vibrant and Christ-centered congregation.




The PMC reports to the Rector. The position requires fifteen hours per week service in the St. Luke’s office, located at 124 Orange Street, Auburn. It is anticipated that this will be 9:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. If additional hours are needed for specific tasks, conditions and overtime compensation will be negotiated between the PMC and the Rector.


The salary will be $24.00 an hour for 15 hours a week, or $18,720.00 a year. A salary review may be conducted annually to ascertain appropriate cost of living increases. Final approval of any salary change will be voted on by the Vestry during the approval of the yearly budget. Pay periods are subject to Diocesan policy.


The PMC receives 2 weeks per year of paid vacation, and 7 days per year of paid sick leave. Unused vacation and sick leave do not accrue from year to year.


The position does not provide other benefits such as health insurance or retirement plans. 




The St. Luke’s PMC must communicate effectively both orally and in writing with staff, volunteers, visitors, vendors, and service personnel.  He or she must empathize with volunteers and church members, while maintaining appropriate pastoral boundaries and relationships. The PMC is responsible for mastering and implementing ministry technologies, including phone systems, Breeze, Squarespace, Mailchimp, Rite Brain, other specialized software, and facilities equipment. 


The PMC must become familiar with the liturgies and canons of the Episcopal Church.  Under the direction of the Rector, the PMC is responsible for preparing worship material from the New Revised Standard Version of the Bible, the 1979 Book of Common Prayer, the 1982 Hymnal, and other liturgical resources approved for use in the Episcopal Church.




·       Work with the Rector and Deacons to prepare worship materials and create worship bulletins for Sunday mornings, Christmas/Holy Week worship, Weddings, Funerals, Baptisms, Confirmations, Ordinations and Special Worship Events.

·       Prepare St. Luke’s weekly e-newsletter (the Nugget) and ensure up-to-date notices, announcements, worship schedules and financial data are made available to the parish.

·       Work with the Rector to update the “events” page on the St. Luke’s Episcopal Church website on a weekly basis, using content from the Nugget.

·       Maintain Master Calendar and work with Rector, Deacons and Parishioners to ensure our scheduling agreements are kept.

·       Create content for parish communications and design printed flyers/posters.

·       Answer phones, take messages and provide information about the parish.

·       Answer email, forward important messages and communicate in a timely and professional manner over e-mail.

·       Open and sort parish mail, alerting the Rector and/or Vestry members of important communications.


·       Greet inspectors, contractors, repair personnel and other parish visitors/contractors during scheduled office hours and ensure they have access to necessary parish spaces.

·       Provide support (help with printing, basic information, scheduling help and problem solving/advice) to parishioners and clergy during scheduled office hours.

·       Maintain electronic and hardcopy files of Business Transactions, Diocesan Communications, Vestry Minutes, Worship Bulletins, and other materials relevant to the parish.

·       Maintain Breeze database of church members and enter newcomer card information.

·       Print new name badges and maintain nametag ministry.

·       Work with the Rector to prepare bank deposit slips, create batch records in Breeze, make copies for the Treasurer and take weekly deposits to First Northern Bank.

·       Update the Parish Directory at least quarterly and make printed copies available.

·       Order books, supplies, ink, and other materials necessary to the running of the parish office. Place special orders for materials at the request of the Rector.

·       Verify compliance with copyright licenses and state workplace requirements.

·       Comply with all required Diocesan or Parish training and certification.

·       Attend yearly staff retreat.

·       Other tasks as negotiated with the Rector. 



If interested, please send a current resume and cover letter to the Rev. Brian L. Rebholtz ([email protected]).

About St. Luke's Episcopal Church

St. Luke’s is a vibrant, growing parish of the Episcopal Diocese of Northern California and a part of the worldwide Anglican Communion. Founded in 1887, we are a Scripture-centered, intergenerational community of faith, rooted in ancient traditions of worship, teaching, and service.

Experience Required
Entry Level


Education Required
High School Diploma

Date Posted
6 days ago
Auburn, California


Church Size
100-200 people