Administrative Assistant

Eastown Church

Job Description


Eastown Church is a start up church in San Ramon, California. The Bay Area is the #1 un-churched and de-churched area in our nation. The East Bay in particular is a rapidly growing, diverse, and innovative culture and Eastown exists to expand the gospel to those individuals and families who do not know the love and freedom of Jesus Christ yet



The Administrative Assistant is first and foremost a church start up position. It exists to develop systems and processes that not only help the operations of Eastown run efficiently, but help people connect in a way that takes them from being observers to partners of Eastown. This position will also be responsible to oversee the details of Sunday mornings, all meetings, events and programs.


DIRECT REPORT: Michaell Dupin



• Help create an enthusiastic and servanthood culture at Eastown

• Help execute and track people and connection processes

• Manage supplies, inventory and details for Eastown Operations and Events

• Oversee the CCB database

• Assist ministry team leads to ensure coverage for all Eastown events

• Oversee all administrative items for Eastown

• Work in cooperation with the Eastown bookkeeper to oversee budgetary items

• Assist in the oversight of calendars; schedule key priorities

Anticipate problems and challenges to help leaders stay focused on leading the church and staff

Prepare for meetings and initiatives with documents, agendas and minutes, spreadsheets, letters, food, fun, etc

Assist with details for all Eastown events

Help coordinate conferences, MT meetings and offsite trainings

Organize all HR documents and processes



  • Advanced skills in Microsoft Office and Google Drive
  • Proven problem solving abilities with challenging deadlines and priorities
  • Ability to anticipate change and react efficiently and expeditiously
  • Strong teamwork skills, adaptability and a willingness to offer suggestions and improvements
  • Teachable spirit
  • Committed to the mission and vision of Eastown 


The Win for this position:

  • Eastown Operations would run efficiently and effectively
  • Systems and processes would be improved and created where needed
  • Eastown Leads and volunteer leads would feel supported and resourced





Start-up culture requires high self-accountability. 

Whatever It Takes Mentality 

Reaching the unchurched will require us to do everything short of sin. 


If we are not having fun doing it we don’t want to do it. 


Start-ups require our strategies to pivot in their approach. 

First Person Communication

We believe face to face communication is the best way to move forward in unity.  

Listen and Respond

God is constantly speaking. We want to always listen and obey. 


Each member of the Eastown team has a “whatever it takes” approach to ministry. While each team member has individual areas of responsibility, we believe we are better together. There is a sense of collaboration, support, and fun together that permeates our culture. There is no task below a team member of Eastown and if we see something that needs to be done, we do it. 

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Experience Required
1 – 5 years


Education Required
High school diploma

Date Posted
1 year ago
San Ramon, California


Church Size
125-250 people

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