Associate Pastor of Outreach

Virginia Beach Community Chapel

Job Description

Associate Pastor of Outreach

Position: Full Time, Salaried


The Associate Pastor of Outreach oversees all local and global outreach initiatives at VBCC,

equipping the church to make Great Commission Disciples in every sphere. He also works closely

with the Senior Pastor, sharing in the pastoral responsibilities of preaching, teaching, counseling,

weddings, funerals, visitation and the like. He substitutes for the Senior Pastor on short notice,

and oversees the church's ministries in the absence of the Senior Pastor unless otherwise

delegated. It is expected that the Associate Pastor, Community Pastor and Senior Pastor will

work together harmoniously and under the authority of the Elders.

Justification of the Position:

We believe Christ is using the obedience of Christians faithful to His command, to build His

Church at home and throughout the earth (Matt 28:18-20; Mark 16:15; Luke 24:45-49a; John

20:21; Acts 1:8). Therefore, we commit to making Great Commission Disciples who take

seriously the command to make disciples of all peoples. Further, we commit to send some into

areas of the world where all cannot go, to uphold these sent ones in prayer, and to provide for

their financial support. Since these commitments are central to VBCC’s identity and philosophy

of ministry, a staff position is warranted that focuses solely on this need.

Essential Qualifications:

A. Spiritual

1. Must be a faithful, growing Christ-follower who is deepening in his personal

relationship with Jesus Christ, modeling this to others (1 Tm 3:1-13).

2. A passionate desire to see people come to know, love and follow Christ in the

context of real community.

3. In agreement with VBCC’s Doctrinal Statement, Values, Mission, Vision and


B. Personal

1. Availability to give the position and ministry the time and attention it needs to be

optimally successful.

2. Dedicated to the development of God’s people in their roles of discipleship,

outreach, and gifts-based leadership.

3. Highly organized. Teachable. Self-starter.

4. A gifts-based team builder and team player who sees the need to take others with

him in the journey of leadership and leadership development.

5. Strong social, personal skills that enable him to be an effective, creative

communicator (oral & written).

6. Exhibits in his own individual life and family life a passion to see the nations

worship God in Christ.

C. Professional

1. Proven history of faithfulness & fruitfulness in pastoral ministry.

2. Ideally, a seminary degree with an emphasis on outreach or global missions &


3. An innovative, strategic thinker in regards to ministry needs and short- and

long-term ministry vision.

4. A sophisticated understanding of the various trends in local outreach and global

missions strategy.

5. Takes seriously the pastoral responsibility to shepherd those in his care.

General Responsibilities:

A. The Associate Pastor’s primary responsibility is to oversee VBCC’s various outreach

ministries. That includes providing visionary leadership for local outreach as well as

promoting VBCC’s global vision of “establishing the church where it is weak or

nonexistent, engaging as many Chapel people as possible.” He equips the saints to

make Great Commission Disciples, mobilizing staff and lay leaders, and providing

regular opportunities for people to explore and participate in God’s global enterprise.

He must be a team player and a team builder, serving as a core member of the pastoral

staff team, and managing a number of lay-led teams within the church body.

B. The Associate Pastor's second priority is to work closely with the Senior Pastor,

sharing in the pastoral responsibilities of preaching and teaching; counseling,

weddings, funerals, and visitation; and ensuring that the Chapel's Pastoral Team is

equipped and effectively extending pastoral care. He substitutes for the Senior Pastor

on short notice, and is responsible in his absence.

Specific Responsibilities:

A. Oversee local and global outreach ministries.

a. Equip staff and lay leaders to make Great Commission Disciples.

i. Be the primary champion of local and global outreach on ELT, Staff Team and

other VBCC leadership teams.

ii. Assist other leaders to provide missional opportunities in every sphere of

ministry at VBCC.

iii. Source and implement learning opportunities and curricula to develop

Great Commission Disciples.

b. Coordinate the Missions Leadership Team (MLT)

The MLT is a team of mostly lay-leaders that directs the implementation of our

global outreach vision. The Associate Pastor serves as a member of the MLT to:

i. Mobilize support and provide shepherding oversight for all global mission


ii. Identify & mobilize potential missionary candidates.

iii. Create & implement effective missions strategy.

iv. Educate & mobilize the church for missions prayer & giving.

v. Champion missions awareness & education at VBCC (including Missions

Month and Christmas Love Gift).

vi. Oversee Missions Fund

c. Oversee International Student Outreach

i. Recruit & oversee interns & lay-leadership team.

ii. Plan & execute outreach events.

iii. Discover & meet the practical needs of international students.

iv. Cultivate existing and new partnerships within Virginia Beach & Hampton

Roads (i.e. Police, Hotel/Motel Association, State Dept., work sponsors).

v. Cultivate existing and new relationships with Christian organizations (i.e.

churches, CRU).

d. Oversee Go Teams

i. Identify key outreach initiatives and help build leadership teams to

champion them (Go Teams).

ii. Meet regularly with Go Team Leaders.

iii. Facilitate Go Teams’ leadership at VBCC at beyond.

iv. Spearhead review panel to receive annual funding proposals from Go Teams

and distribute funds accordingly.

e. Oversee staff related to outreach

i. Hire & manage assistants, interns, etc. related to outreach ministries.

B. Serve alongside Senior Pastor in pastoral responsibilities.

a. Serve on the core preaching team together with Senior Pastor and Community


b. Meet requirements to serve as a member of the Elder Leadership Team.

c. Share the pastoral duties of weddings, funerals, visitation, and pastoral counseling.

d. Share staff oversight and equipping responsibilities.

e. Oversee staff team in the Senior Pastor’s absence.

Relation to the Staff:

The Associate Pastor, as a key part of the Pastoral Staff Team, will be in constant contact with,

learn from, interact with and depend upon the unique expertise of each Pastoral Staff Team

member. The Associate Pastor serves functions as assigned by the Senior Pastor, and will be

directly responsible to the Senior Pastor and Elder Leadership Team who will provide general

oversight and supervision to ensure that our Global Mission, Vision and Strategy are aligned with

VBCC’s overall Vision and direction. The Associate Pastor will oversee other staff members

assigned to Global Missions endeavors including any interns.

Experience Required
10-15 years


Education Required
Master's Degree

Date Posted
1 month ago
Virginia Beach, Virginia


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