Worship Pastor

Fellowship Church

Job Description


Fellowship Church is a growing church in Southern Missouri that is looking for a worship pastor who will oversee all aspects of the music ministry in the church. Along with musical responsibilities we also expect this person to begin a discipleship process with all those in their care as volunteers or support. Development of spiritual growth and musicianship of all those who participate in the music ministry is vital. 

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We expect all who apply to have training in / experience in worship ministry. Although a baccalaureate degree is not required it is preferred.

The Worship Pastor Will:

  • Have the ability to lead, work well in a team setting, be self motivated and teachable.

  • Oversee the general music programs of the church in consultation with the Senior Pastor

  • Be intentional with the discipleship and spiritual growth of our worship teams as well as be available for pastoral visits and care.

  • Lead all aspects of planning and performance of the contemporary worship

  • Serve in collaboration with the traditional worship service team.

  • Oversee worship ministries for student and children ministries - Be Proficient in church software such as Planning Center and ProPresenter

  • Have the ability to utilize click and track if needed Compensation:

The salary is full-time and competitive for our local vocational market.

The pay package will include salary, health insurance for the employee, mileage allowance, retirement, conference / book stipend, and housing allowance (when applicable).



I. Music, Media, and Worship

The worship pastor will oversee the general music programs of the church in consultation with the senior pastor


1. Lead all aspects of planning and performance of the contemporary worship service(s).

  • Develop and schedule teams of instrumentalists and vocalists.

  • Organize and lead practices.

  • Will assume pastoral and discipleship care of the worship and A/V teams. Some of these team members cannot attend regular small groups due to practice schedules.

2. Will serve as a resource person with the traditional worship service team.

  • Communicate weekly with the traditional worship leader team.

  • Provide technical support in sound, media and lighting as needed.

  • Assist when needed.

3. Manage musical instruments and their maintenance.

4. Manage computers, sound and video equipment used in worship.

5. Manage volunteer schedules for computer, sound and video.

6. Oversee sound/video/light ministry.

  • Prepare and input media for services (in coordination with Media Director)

  • Check and prepare stage sound equipment

  • Plan lighting design for worship services 

7. Manage and maintain stage presentation.

  • Oversee worship ministries for student and children ministries

  • Lead worship for student ministries and events.

  • Help develop student talents and leadership.

  • Serve as a resource and assist in children’s music and worship (VBS, special events, etc.)

 8. Develop and manage the music budget in consultation with the Worship Board and traditional service worship leaders.


II. General Duties

  • The worship pastor will maintain regular office hours in cooperation with pastoral staff. Regular office hours are a value.

  • Will work with pastoral staff to provide leadership of the church when other staff members are away for meetings, vacations, etc.

  • Will represent Fellowship Church at associational and denominational meetings, as well as promote the various associational and denominational ministries (camps, etc.).

  • Will perform some of the general pastoral ministries of the church (teaching, counseling, visitation, etc.).

  • Will attend relevant board and committee meetings and will give direction to the Worship Board.


III. Qualifications

  • A Christian with deep spiritual and moral convictions.

  • Have training/experience in worship ministry. A baccalaureate degree is preferred.

  • Agreement with the doctrinal position of Fellowship General Baptist Church and will join the church.

  • Ability to lead, organize, and supervise.

  • Proficient in church software such as Planning Center and ProPresenter; Able to use Click and Track.

  • Team player: contributes to overall vision, goals, and ministries of the church.

  • Self-starter; self-motivated.

  • Teachable

  • Works well within the pastoral and church culture.
Experience Required
1-5 years


Education Required
Bachelor's Degree

Date Posted
3 months ago
Poplar Bluff, Missouri


Church Size
300-500 people

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