Job Description

Position Profile

Worship Director

Hydesville Community Church

Department: Worship Ministries

Job Title:  Worship Director 

Status: Full-time (hourly) 40hrs

Reports To: Lead pastor

Position Overview and Objective

  1. The Worship Director will provide pastoral leadership to the worship ministries at Hydesville Community Church.
  2. The Worship Director will provide spiritual and organizational leadership at Hydesville Community Church.


  1. Spiritual Maturity: Demonstrates a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and a strong commitment to being a disciple of Jesus Christ and making disciples.
  2. Shepherd: Shepherd the flock by caring for the spiritual needs of the members at HCC. Being one example and help to the qualifications of a pastor (1 Tim 3; Titus 1).
  3. Servant-Leader: Lead others by serving. Be able to lead and serve volunteers in a ministerial manner.
  4. Honesty: Exhibits honesty, integrity, and Christian ethics. Actions are consistent with profession. Does what is right and speaks truthfully.
  5. Commitment to Vision and Purpose: Commit and support the vision of Hydesville Community Church, and organize ministry strategies and mechanisms around that vision.
  6. Solution Driven: Creativity to implement innovative programming and ability to figure out solutions for issues encountered in administering ministry.
  7. Organizational Skills: Is structured and precise in organization. Ability to prioritize tasks to accomplish goals. Has good time management skills, attends to details and keeps big picture in mind.

Job Description

  1. This role will also have the opportunity to share God’s Word with the congregation on Sunday mornings and other contexts.
  2. Develop and schedule teams of instrumentalists and vocalists.
  3. Organize and lead practices.
  4. The worship director will maintain regular office hours in cooperation with pastoral staff.
  5. Attend regular staff meetings.
  6. Submit expenses in a timely and efficient manner in accordance with church policies.
  7. Propose a detailed annual budget for each ministry area in accordance with church budgeting procedures and guidelines.
  8. Must possess a heart for the spiritual formation of those in the congregation and the Worship Ministry.
  9. Plan and oversee all creative elements within corporate worship services and church-wide special events.
  10. Work alongside the Lead Pastor to be a voice for vision for the church.
  11. Assist the other pastors in providing care to the congregation.
  12. In conjunction with the Lead Pastor and staff, plan and coordinate the flow of all worship and special services of HCC, including transitions, introductions, cues, AVL, media, and special elements (e.g., communion, baptisms, baby dedications, etc.).
  13. Complete other duties as assigned.


  1. Commitment to the vision, missions, value and culture of Hydesville Community Church.
  2. Agrees to EFCA Statement of Faith.
  3. Have training/experience in worship ministry. A baccalaureate degree is preferred.
  4. Proficient in church software such as Planning Center Online and other Media resources.
  5. Meets and commits to Biblical leadership qualifications.
  6. Will agree to membership at HCC.

Evaluation and Compensation:

  1. The salary and benefits package will include salary, health insurance for the employee, retirement and cell phone allowance.
  2. PTO is offered based on the HCC Employee Handbook. Taking time off from a normal work day must be requested two weeks in advance. 
  3. In cooperation with the Lead Pastor, will conduct and annual performance review of the Worship Director position and review of their compensation package.

About Hydesville Community Church

Hydesville Community Church (HCC) is located in an unincorporated area of Humboldt County at the intersection of Rohnerville Road and State Highway 36 (3296 Highway 36, Hydesville, CA 95547; Mailing Address: PO Box 609, Hydesville, CA 95547). HCC is a partner with the Evangelical Free Church of America and the Western District, EFCA.

The church is situated on approximately three acres of land and is completely debt-free. The original church building is older with a historic architectural design. However, remodels and updates have been and continue to be made inside enabling the facility to include a Worship Center that seats about 220 people with a foyer; a Fellowship Hall with an ample, recently remodeled kitchen; a children’s wing with a small, enclosed playground; and office space. Connected to the church property is a field that is owned by the church and is used for youth activities and worship services during the summer months.

Congregation Participation and Demographics

Currently, the average total attendance from two Sunday services and online streaming of both services is around 200 people. The Children’s Ministry held during the second Sunday service (Kids Rock, grades PreK-6th) sees 30-40 participants each week. HCC has robust, mid-week adult small groups for men, women and couples. While HCC does consist of a multi-generational congregation, the majority of church attendees are 60+, with middle-aged individuals and young families as the second-largest age demographic present and young adults and teens comprising the smallest percentage of regular attendees. Ethnic and socioeconomic diversity is low, but this is consistent and reflective of the local community demographics. 

Experience Required
1-5 years


Education Required
Bachelor's Degree

Date Posted
1 year ago
Hydesville, California

Evangelical Free

Church Size
200-300 people

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