Part Time Worship Director/AV Manager

SeaCoast Church

Job Description

Our worship director will be responsible for producing and performing music for our worship service on Sunday mornings. They will be in charge of recruiting and rehearsing volunteer musicians. They will be responsible for putting together tracks using ProTools/Multi-Tracks or similar programs and using Ableton to trigger slides and cues during worship. We have a Dante network for our livestream that the worship director will be responsible for maintaining.

The worship director will also be in charge of registering the setlist each week with CCLI and CCVI. The worship director will also oversee the Front of House Mixer, and work directly with our elements of our AV and livestream production team to ensure a cohesive and smooth worship experience.

The worship director will need to be familiar with ProPresenter. The worship director is a vital part of our staff and will work closely with the pastor and volunteers to provide a state of the art, quality worship experience in our newly renovated venue.

Experience with the following hardware and software (or similar) is a plus: Ableton, Dante, ProPresenter, ProTools, IEM (in-ear monitors) Final Cut Pro, iMag-ATEM software, Behringer X32 board, Streaming hardware, proficient in multiple instruments. Applicant needs technical experience with sound/AV/music recording software.

Estimated work per week is 20 hours. This is very consistent as observed in the last 3 years. Pay range: $25-30 hour. This is a part time position but has the opportunity to grow into a full time position with benefits in the near future. Needed on campus each Sunday from 7am - 12pm and during rehearsal time with worship team (flexible depending on team's schedules) Majority of remainder of work can be done remotely or on campus if desired. Will be needed for special events and certain holidays - Easter Sunday, Good Friday, Christmas Eve

A little about us: We are a legacy church that has been around forever but we are growing thanks to new approaches and philosophies. Both our on-line and in-person attendance are growing and a vital part of our future. We take pride in well produced material and music. We looking for someone who loves the Lord and loves all kinds of people. Someone who is kind and who works well with others. Someone who has the ability to attract and involve volunteers and who sees this as not just a job, but a way to utilize God given talent and hard-earned skills to worship God and help others connect with Jesus. We need someone who has patience and demonstrates integrity. Applicant needs technical experience and musical and people skills. We're a church full of real people. We're looking for a real, down-to-earth candidate who likes to be fun and creative. Communication and people skills are a must.

We are looking for someone who can pull off the best of modern worship but who also has the ability to re-work some old hymns into something exciting and impactful for a multi-generational, multi-cultural congregation. If interested, please contact [email protected]

About SeaCoast Church

We are a legacy church that has existed in Redondo Beach for over 100 years. In the past several years we have made some changes and embraced new philosophies and approaches that are attracting new people to our church. We believe our on-line presence is important and a complement to our in-person services. We are a friendly church of people who are not afraid to be real. We embrace creativity. Our motto is "Love God, Love People." We are currently finishing a major remodel to our campus and worship facility that we believe will make our church a comfortable and exciting place to worship God and learn more about His Son, Jesus Christ. We are a welcoming church who doesn't enforce dress codes (you can wear a three piece suit or a Black Sabbath band shirt- we don't care) and doesn't expect everybody to behave and sit quietly. We love and embrace the creative community. Without creative and technical experts, we wouldn't be able to do church the way we do. We like to joke and have fun and do life together.

Experience Required
1-5 years


Education Required
High School Diploma

Date Posted
1 year ago
Redondo Beach, California


Church Size
100-200 people

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