Minister of Worship and Music Ministries

Ellaville Baptist Church

Job Description

Ellaville Baptist Church

Minister of Worship and Music Ministries

Position Description

SUPERVISOR: Reports to the Senior Pastor


Ellaville Baptist Church is a small Southern Baptist congregation in the small rural town of Ellaville, GA. This church aims to fulfill the Great Commission in our community and beyond and sees corporate worship as critical to the building up of the body towards Christ-like maturity and for equipping for ministry. The Minister of Worship and Music Ministries will arrange music, lead the choir, schedule volunteers, and lead congregational worship music on a weekly basis. Our church enjoys a blended music style including old and modern hymns, traditional and contemporary music styles, including music from artists such as The Gettys, Sovereign Grace, Gaither, City Alight, and more. This position will report to the Senior Pastor and may also work with other staff/volunteers in planning the musical services.


  • Meets the hiring and evaluation criteria of pastoral leadership at Ellaville Baptist Church
  • Is a man, in accordance with the requirements of 1 Timothy 3:1-7; Titus 1:5-9; 1 Peter 5:1-4
  • Character - gives evidence of the character and conduct expected of a follower of Jesus 
  • Competence - competence in matters pertaining to church and worship ministry.
  • Chemistry - possesses the ability to work well with staff, volunteers, church members.
  • A clear testimony of faith in Christ and growing relationship with Him.
  • Commitment to moral purity with a humble, teachable spirit
  • Commitment to the mission, vision, and worship philosophy of Ellaville Baptist Church
  • Wholeheartedly affirms the EBC statement of faith, The Baptist Faith and Message, 2000 and the EBC Church Covenant.
  • Either currently is a member of, or willing and qualified to join the membership of Ellaville Baptist Church upon hiring.


  • Recruits and interviews potential new music volunteers for music proficiency 
  • Integrates new music volunteers into worship services 
  • Coordinates the rotations and schedules for volunteer musicians and singers
  • Provides and receives timely feedback and evaluation for the worship services


  • Arrange music/lyrics/chord sheets for choir and musicians and other vocalists
  • In coordination with the Senior Pastor, plan services with prayer, conceptual forethought, theological accuracy, and select song arrangements and music keys that are congregationally friendly
  • Ensure lyric slides and all other information are designed and uploaded on ProPresenter
  • Lead the congregation in singing worship music for Sunday services
  • Plan and direct choir in rehearsals and in worship services
  • Build a band or music team to assist in leading worship on a regular basis
  • Oversee and coordinate with tech team to ensure quality audio mixing and production
  • Create and maintain an annual budget for the ministry
  • Create opportunities for children and teenagers to be involved in the music ministry as well as oversee children’s musical productions.
  • To serve with the senior pastor in ministering to the congregation and perform other duties as assigned by the Senior Pastor


  • Must be able to lead worship from a guitar, keyboard, or both.
  • Excellent vocal and musical skills
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Strong organizational skills and attention to detail
  • Strong supervisory and leadership skills
  • Working knowledge of choral direction, music theory, and arrangement techniques
  • Working knowledge of traditional and contemporary music styles in a blended service
  • Working knowledge of hymns (old and modern), contemporary songs, and southern gospel that are congregationally friendly, robust in doctrine, Christ-centered, and gospel saturated.
  • Working knowledge of audio production in live music settings


  • Basic musical education (lessons or self-taught) required


  • This is a full-time position. Specific hours, compensation, and other additional expectations and requirements are commensurate with experience and education, as well as other factors, and will be determined after interviewing and upon hiring.

About Ellaville Baptist Church

Ellaville Baptist Church is a smaller church with a long history in downtown Ellaville, GA. We have a membership that spans all generations, young and old. The church is a gracious, generous, hospitable, serving, and eager church to fulfill the Great Commission. We are located in a very small, very rural town in Southwest Georgia near Americus, Georgia and located about fifty miles from larger towns Columbus, Albany, and Macon, GA. With thousands far from God in our small community, there is much potential and a great harvest in our area.

We are eager to find God's next worship leader for EBC. We have a faithful choir, small team of musicians, numerous soloists, and upgraded audio and video equipment. Our church enjoys a blended music style of traditional and contemporary music, old and modern hymns, and southern gospel. In worship we use songs from, but not limited to, artists such as The Gettys, Gaither, City Alight, Chris Tomlin, and Matt Papa. Our church also has untapped potential with numerous church members who have vocal, instrumental, and tech gifts that can be further utilized to serve the church in corporate worship. We are eager for this ministry to be developed and bear fruit.

EBC is a SBC church, faithfully holding to the BFM, 2000 as our confession. We preach expositionally. We aim to make disciples of all generations that are sent out to reach and make more disciples in our neighborhoods and the nations.

Experience Required
Entry Level


Education Required
High School Diploma

Date Posted
1 year ago
Ellaville, Georgia

Baptist: SBC

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