Worship Arts Associate Pastor

Woodland Community Church

Job Description

Woodland Community Church

9607 East State Road 70, Bradenton, FL 34202

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Job Description for Associate Worship Arts Pastor

This staff position shall be called the Associate Worship Arts Pastor. He shall be under the direct supervision of the Executive Worship Arts Pastor and shall be responsible and accountable to him in all matters assigned, keeping him informed concerning all phases of the work under his direct supervision and following his leadership in ministry decisions. Responsibilities include:    

I.       To serve as a team member of the Worship Arts Creative Team which is responsible for the development of worship experiences.

II.    Is responsible for assisting the Executive Pastor of Worship Arts in planning weekly worship experiences. This includes assisting in…

a.     The recruitment and scheduling of personnel for vocalists and instrumentalists.

b.     Determining the service order, music selection, rehearsals, and music assembly for both the vocalists and instrumentalists.

c.     Participating in both worship experiences as an instrumentalist and vocalist as needed.

d.     Producing visuals of all song lyrics, backgrounds and message slides.

e.     Providing additional rehearsal notes, music assembly, and personnel needed for all special elements.

f.      Working with the Technical Director in securing needed technical equipment and software used to accomplish tasks.

g.     Discipling worship team participants in growing spiritually by participating in a time of weekly devotional with worship volunteers from both worship experiences.

III. To assist in worship leadership during worship experiences as assigned by the Executive Worship Pastor.

IV. Is responsible to oversee the scheduling of the Center for Worship and the Performing Arts by working with ministry and community leaders.  

V.   Is responsible to oversee special concert experiences which occur outside of regular worship. This includes:

a.      Scheduling of the events.

b.     Scheduling concert artists or performers in consultation with the Executive Worship Arts Pastor.

c.      Coordinating with the Executive Pastor to ensure that all resources are secured and scheduled.

d.     Recruitment of volunteers for set up and tear down of the events.

e.      Working with the Guest Services Coordinator to recruit needed volunteers in Guest Services positions.

f.       Recruitment of volunteers as assistants to the guest concert artists or performers in product sales or other needs.  

VI. Is responsible to oversee the student ministry worship team including vocalists and instrumentalists. This includes:

a.      Leading or recruiting leadership to coordinate this team by:

1.     Leading rehearsals.

2.     Participating as a member of the worship team.

3.     Recruiting team members.

4.     Recruiting and training technical ministry volunteers.

5.     Developing the order of worship elements for Student Worship experiences.

b.     Providing training for participants on the student worship team on an annual and ongoing basis to assist them in improving in vocal and/or instrumental performance.  

c.      If recruited leaders are utilized to provide oversight for student ministry worship, the Worship Arts Associate will regularly attend student ministry worship to evaluate the success and to assist in fulfilling above responsibilities. The definition of “regularly attend” will be determined by his supervisor.  

VII.          Is responsible to work in conjunction with the Executive Worship Pastor in facilitating the Woodland Live Worship experience.  

VIII. Is responsible for coordinating with the Executive Worship Arts Pastor in developing stage design and the facilitation of the completion of the design.  

IX.       Is responsible for seasonal decorations of worship center lobby and stage.

X.         Complete any assignments given by the Lead Pastor.   


About Woodland Community Church


In 1980 a handful of people met and began a great adventure. They shared a vision that a church should be established in East Manatee County where one day there would be many business’ and housing sub-divisions. Their vision was that church should be relevant and that serving should be exciting. People should be as important to us as they are to God. In 1983 Manatee Southern Association and West Bradenton Baptist Church purchased 8.3 acres of land on Hwy 70 east for a new church site in East Manatee County. The church was founded in Bradenton as Woodland Baptist Mission. 

Under the sponsorship of West Bradenton Baptist Church our first meeting was held on October 2, 1983. A satellite Sunday School was held at the home of the Strickland’s and the Fish and Game Association Building and Church services were at the Fish and Game Building. Sunday and Wednesday Evening Services were held at the Bassler’s home.


In 1984 James Kelley became our first full-time Pastor. March 10, 1985 our first services were held in the original Worship Center at our current site. March 13, 1988 we signed our Church Charter and became Woodland Baptist Church. 


November 17, 1991 Larry Wells became our second full-time Pastor. Completion of a two story Educational Building and the establishment of Woodland Early Childcare Center was in 1993. We then purchased an additional 20 acres of land behind the church bringing our total site acreage to the current 28.3 acres. 


October 1996 to the current time Dr. Tim Passmore became our third Pastor. In 1998 we moved into a 450 seat Worship Center and shortly thereafter became known as Woodland Community Church. In 2002 a Recreation Outreach Center and much needed Life Group classrooms were completed. In 2006 as the Lord blessed us and many people came seeking the Lord, we completed and moved into our current Worship Center which is a Gateway to Heaven for many. A downtown campus was established in 2019 called Woodland DOWNTOWN: The Thursday Night Church. 

As you look around our community you will see that our adventure has continued the same way it began: each number has a face, each face has a heart, and each heart matters to God. This is why we are here on this daily journey with the Lord, and why we will stay on this journey until the job is done.  

Every Day Matters.   

Experience Required
1-5 years


Education Required
High School Diploma

Date Posted
7 months ago
Bradenton, Florida

Baptist: SBC

Church Size
500-750 people

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