Student Ministry Creative Director

LCBC Church

Job Description

Reports to: Central Director of Student Ministry

Hours Commitment: Full-time (40 - 45 hours per week) with regular weekend responsibilities.

Purpose Statement: To be the creative visionary to all Student Ministry gatherings on locations through excellent customer service, programming support, resources and creative oversight of our digital platforms.

Personal Qualifications: 

  • Can articulate an identifiable salvation experience and lives out a pattern of spiritual development and regular participation at LCBC. 
  • Supports LCBC's mission, priorities, philosophy of ministry and doctrinal statement. 
  • Supports LCBC's core values: We focus on others; we work with excellence; we prioritize relationships; and we live authentically, knowing that life change is a journey. 
  • Displays a winning attitude and a spirit of cooperation; communicates truth with grace; prays about everything; and has a willingness to serve on a team. 
  • Shows a desire to grow, develop, and mature, both spiritually and professionally. 
  • Exhibits pride in the image of LCBC as it reflects on the image of Christ portrayed to the congregation, staff, and guests.  
  • Be an LCBC Partner or willing to become a Partner within 60 days of employment. 

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Coordinate creative aspects of student ministry environments and gatherings to ensure excellence. This includes leading planning meetings to creatively develop the elements of the experiences that will reinforce and support the message, games, atrium, plus 1events and overall program.
  • Lead a team of campus staff to develop content that is intentional and developmentally appropriate for each age demographic we serve in student ministry.
  • Stay in touch with culture trends to effectively connect the culture with the gospel and provide input and direction to the content, digital and program teams.
  • Oversee the Storyboarding, directing, scripting, and coordination of weekly videos and special element videos that support the weekend experience as well as key initiatives and social media. Video work will be completed in partnership with the Communications team.
  • Act as the aesthetic and creative visionary for content and other large key initiatives.
  • Be present on a Campus regularly to coach, consult and evaluate Student Ministry in action.

Preferred Education/Experience/Skills:

  • Strong people and conflict resolution skills.
  • Strong communicator who listens well and inspires others into action.
  • Strong leadership and team building skills.
  • Embraces the Gather, Connect, Serve, Get Out and Live Generously strategy to be the local church.
  • Thrives in relational interactions and in community with people.
  • Proven track record of success at developing leaders of leaders.
  • Excellent organizational skills, including multitasking, time management and meticulous attention to detail.
  • Ability to handle pressure and make split-second decisions.


The Student Ministry Creative Director will meet regularly with the Central Director of Student Ministry for planning, goal-setting, progress updates, and general coaching. A formal Action and Development Plan will be completed and reviewed three times throughout the year.

About LCBC Church

LCBC stands for Lives Changed by Christ.

LCBC started with a small group of people who gathered in a garage to dream about a new kind of church. They asked questions like, "What if there were a church that focused on others? What if there were a place where people far from God felt comfortable coming and asking questions? What if everyone who walked through the doors felt accepted, not judged?"

This others-driven mindset shaped who we are and it continues to shape us. As we've launched new locations and had the opportunity to reach more communities across the state of Pennsylvania, our mission has remained the same. We exist to introduce people to Jesus and together fully follow him.

Today, LCBC is one church with multiple locations throughout Pennsylvania. Each location features the same unified experience of music and one message from a communicator that is broadcasted to each location.

Experience Required
5-10 years


Education Required
High School Diploma

Date Posted
1 year ago
Manheim, Pennsylvania


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