Discipleship Pastor

Memorial Baptist Church

Job Description

The Discipleship Pastor is responsible for creating, managing, and executing the aspects of our church that make disciples and encourage Christian maturity. This includes Greeters, Bible Study Groups, Outreach, Assimilation, Equipping, Assisting Ministry Teams & Committees, and Pastoral Care.

II. Qualifications

• Must meet the qualifications of 1Timothy 3:1-7 & Titus 1:6-9

• Must demonstrate a clear call to vocational ministry.

• Is preferred to have earned a master’s degree in biblical studies or ministry related field.

• Must have sufficient ministry experience in discipleship ministries.

• Must be in full agreement with our statement of faith, the Baptist Faith

and Message 2000

III. Essential Competencies and Skills

• Communication Skills. Strong oral and written communication skills.

• Detail Oriented. Strong administrative, organizational and interpersonal skills.

• Technological Skills. Possesses strong technology skills

• A Passion for Discipleship. Must possess a clear conviction that all God’s people are to make disciples and seek to fulfill the great commission. Expertise in current discipleship methods and models.

• A Missionary Heart. Loves to engage lost people with the gospel and train others to share their faith.

• A Team Player. Maintain a humble spirit and commitment to teamwork with other pastors, staff, and church members.

• Trust & Confidentiality. Maintains appropriate discretion and confidentiality regarding personal information

IV. Compensation

• Starting salary range will be between $50k-$60k per year (plus benefits package).

V. Responsibilities and Expectations

1. Bible Study Groups

Develop and lead our church in a gospel-centered discipleship strategy.

• Direct, develop and support all Bible Study groups.

• Oversee an effective leadership development process.

• Ensure effective attendance records are kept in church database management system.

• Ensure sound doctrine is maintained in all teaching environments in the church.

• Recruit and train teachers for all Bible Study groups.

• Ensure all Bible Study groups are well-resourced and supplied

• Work with Children, Students, and Adult Ministry to ensure a cohesive discipleship plan.


2. Outreach

Develop and lead our church in a strategy to engage, love, and minister to our community.

• Coordinate quarterly community outreach events.

• Train, equip, and send disciples to effectively share the gospel with our community.

• Build key relationships with leaders in our community.

• Plan local mission projects.

• Promote our church and events to our community.


3. Assimilation

Develop and lead our church in a strategy to help guests feel welcomed, take next steps, get connected in Bible Study groups, and engaged in service.

• Oversee welcome team, guest follow up, and new member’s class.

• Help people discover their spiritual gifting and a place to serve.


4. Equipping

Ensure that every member is well trained to serve, share the gospel, and disciple others.

• Regularly assess the current needs of the body and provide training accordingly.

• Develop classes and training to better equip our church to make disciples.


5. Ministry Teams and Committees

Determine the ministry needs of our church, help members identify their gifting, and develop systems to help people serve.

• Develop and recruit leaders and volunteers to serve on ministry teams.


6. General Pastoral Duties

This position is first and foremost a pastoral position. Therefore there are several pastoral duties that this person will be expected to perform.

• Conduct weddings /funerals.

• Provide Biblical counseling.

• Attend staff meetings.

• Attend worship services.

• Over see the discipleship budget of the church.

• Perform other duties as assigned by the Senior Pastor.


About Memorial Baptist Church

The mission of Memorial Baptist Church is to be a multi-generational church united to make disciples who are capable of making disciples who are transformed by the gospel, connected in Biblical community, and living out God’s mission in their lives. 

Experience Required
10-15 years


Education Required
Master's Degree

Date Posted
4 months ago
Baytown, Texas


Church Size
500-750 people

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