Job Description

Job Location:

Sundays at temporary location in Murrieta while Temecula location is under construction. Mostly remote work during the week while church is in temporary location. Position will be based at the church building in Temecula once open.

Job Description:

Lead all worship related ministry that takes place within the church, and as an outreach from the church. Curate, develop, and grow the 412 worship community. This position has the potential and possibility to become full-time in the future, as well as potential for ordainment as “Worship Pastor”.


From $30-$50 per hour

Expected hours:

12 – 30 per week, depending on individual and availability. We would prefer someone available 30 hours per week, but will consider qualified candidates that can work a minimum of 12 hours per week.

Minimum Job Duties (12 hours/week) include:

  • Lead worship every Sunday (Arrive by 6am, leave after 4th service, approx 1:15pm)
  • Prepare the worship set list during the week
  • Schedule accompanying worship team members.
  • Attend weekly production meeting (Wednesdays @ 3pm) either in person at studio location or via Zoom. Set list will be reviewed and agreed upon by staff.
  • Prepare for and lead worship at church events as needed, such as worship nights (quarterly), baptisms (2-4x/year), Men’s breakfasts and retreats (3-4x/year)
  • Ensure a Spirit-filled environment of growth within the worship team, having quarterly meetings (minimum) for fellowship and team building that focuses on the spiritual aspects of the worship ministry
  • Sit in at least one service every Sunday
  • Ensure that the rest of the worship team meets minimum standards for spiritual maturity and commitment, and be willing and able to minister to them.
  • Creative planning of enhanced worship sets for Easter, Christmas, and other special services
  • Other administrative duties as needed

Additional Job Duties (13-30 hours/week) include:

  • Midweek rehearsals when possible
  • Oversight and development of youth and young adult worship teams, and those who lead worship in Men’s and Women’s Bible studies
  • Development of an ongoing worship community focused on curating and raising up the next generation of worship leaders and worship team members, and providing training, mentorship, discipleship, and increased frequency of meetings mentioned above.
  • Planning for and leading additional worship-based events inside and outside the church
  • Attend relevant worship related conferences and trainings
  • Other 412 ministry related tasks and responsibilities as requested

About 412 Church Temecula Valley

412 Church Temecula Valley is a Christ-centered, non-denominational church that exists to share God’s grace by loving God’s people. Led by Pastor Tim Thompson in Murrieta CA. We will be moving to our new Temecula location in early 2024.

412 Church Temecula Valley welcomes people of all ages and backgrounds. Finding our guidance in the love and grace of Jesus Christ, we offer several weekly opportunities for spiritual growth and community involvement.

The Purpose Of 412 Church Temecula Valley Is In Our Name – Three Different “4:12” Verses:

WIN – ACTS 4:12

If the Word of God were a seed, the “WIN” would be when the seed takes root. That incredible moment when a root sprouts, a leaf starts taking in light, and new life begins.

That describes the “win” in the life of a Christian. The Word of God entered their heart, sprouted, and a new life began in Jesus.


Once the seed takes root, growth is natural, and necessary. If the plant is going to be able to survive the inevitable storms, it must become strong and secure.

The same is true in the life of a Christian. The storms of life are sure to come, which is why it is essential they become a “DISCIPLE”; a person who is growing in their faith and knowledge of the Word of God.


When a tree is mature, it bears fruit. It doesn’t have to try, it just happens naturally. The fruit is sent out in to the world with it’s seeds in it, ready to start the entire process over.

The same is true with a person who has Christian faith. When they grow in that faith, they find that the Lord will equip them and “SEND” them into the world to have a positive affect on it.

View our statement of faith at:

Experience Required
1-5 years


Education Required
High School Diploma

Date Posted
4 weeks ago
Temecula, California

Christian Church

Church Size
750-1,000 people

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