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Since 2007, Trinity’s mission has been to make disciples who exalt Jesus Christ and honor God's word in everything they say and do. Our four-part strategy invites people to COME to Christ, to GROW in their faith, to SERVE Him by serving others, and REACH those outside Trinity with the good news of Jesus. As our community continues to grow, we remain one church with seven locations across the globe, including three in Virginia Beach, one in Downtown Norfolk, one in Stuttgart, Germany, one in Reston, Virginia, and one in the Middle East.

+ Position Description

The Director of Family Ministry will collaboratively lead and provide vision, direction and oversight to the Kids, Students, and College-aged Ministries for all campuses across Trinity Church. This position will report to the Director of Trinity Ministries and their goal will be to guide these ministries to make disciples who exalt Jesus Christ and honor God’s word in all they say and do by equipping kids, parents, and students through every phase from birth through the age of twenty five.

+ Leadership Roles

Trinity Kids & Students - Phase 1

The Director of Family Ministry will develop and implement...

  • ● Common Systems - The Director of Family Ministry will work with the Campus Pastors, Kids Ministry Staff, and Student Ministry Staff to align processes and systems across all ministries. Examples are to oversee how Trinity Family Ministry collects family data, equips parents and students, trains volunteers, and transitions families from one stage to the next.
  • ● Common Strategy - The Director of Family Ministry will oversee and strategize the purpose and rhythm of events for Kids and Students, focusing on the balance between spiritual and relational growth in one-church and campus-specific activities, while creating intentional onramps to the next phase of life.
  • ● Common Purpose - The Director of Family Ministry will oversee and implement efforts to not only equip kids and students, but also to equip parents. We believe the greatest discipling opportunities happen in the home, so examples of this may be to develop a resource list for kids and parents, and equipping campus classes for various life stage issues (ie, “sharing the Gospel with your child” or “biblical principles for discipling through puberty” or “how to be a successful empty-nester”).
  • Trinity College-aged Ministry - Phase 2
  • ● The Trinity Director of Family Ministry will oversee the development of a robust College-aged Ministry, focusing on adults aged 18-25 and ensure
  • clear discipleship transitions from Student Ministry and then into churchwide Discipleship Ministries.
  • ● This ministry is currently volunteer-led and largely consists of life-stage Community Groups. The goal is to grow this ministry into an intentional next step out of High School and into mature, biblical adulthood.

+ Preferred Education and Experience

  • ● Minimum five years of multi-site church ministry experience
  • ● Preferred Masters degree in Family Ministry related studies
  • ● Strong organizational and management skills
  • ● Capability to anticipate potential issues and create solutions in advance
  • ● Proficiency with Google Workspace or similar platforms

+ Expectations

  • ● The Director of Family Ministry will report to the Director of Trinity Ministries and take part in regular performance reviews.
  • ● This position is expected to support the leadership decisions of the Elder Board and act in accordance with the Trinity Staff Culture Guide
  • ● This role requires an average of 40 hours per week, including occasional weekends, evenings, and Sundays depending on church event schedules.
  • ○ The expected in-office schedule will be determined along with the Director of Trinity Ministries.
  • ○ There may be occasional travel required to support Trinity’s campuses outside Hampton Roads.
  • ● All Trinity Staff is expected to maintain a strong spiritual life, including:
  • ○ Christ-centered growth and development
  • ○ A consistent commitment to prayer and scripture
  • ○ Active participation in the Trinity Church community

+ Who We’re Looking For...

  • The Director of Family Ministry will be a visionary team player who can collaborate effectively with other leaders to develop and oversee creative programming and events that engage and inspire individuals aged 0-25 towards a deeper relationship with Jesus. This position requires excellent organizational skills to manage multiple tasks and projects simultaneously as well as strong leadership qualities to guide and mentor staff and volunteers. Additionally, the Director will have a deep passion for serving and ministering to families, playing an integral role in shaping the spiritual growth of the next generation as a key member of Trinity Church's leadership team. 

About Trinty Church

At Trinity Church, we are passionate about seeing a diverse group of people find a common story in Christ. Since Trinity started in 2007, we have committed ourselves to exalting Jesus Christ and honoring God’s Word in all that we say and do. Our four-part strategy is to invite people to Come to Christ, then to Grow in Christ, Serve Him, and Reach others with the great news about Christ. As God has brought more people, we have continued to be one church which now meets in seven locations, three Virginia Beach locations, one in Downtown Norfolk, one in Reston, VA, one in Stuttgart, Germany and a mission campus in the Middle East.

Experience Required
1-5 years


Education Required
Bachelor's Degree

Date Posted
2 months ago
Virginia Beach, Virginia


Church Size
1,000-2,500 people