Job Description


Rocky Mountain Chapel is a small, rural, country church filled with caring and loving people who want to share a Christ-like lifestyle and to show the world Jesus’ light shining through them. The congregation is non-denominational, with many diverse church upbringings represented. The records show around 76 members, but attendance averages at least 55-60 each Sunday. We also have an increase in attendance in the summer as several out-of-state visitors have summer homes in the area.

The congregation is for the most part retirement age, but also includes young families and many singles. We currently have 2-3 young people between the ages of 11-15 attending church. We consider youth a vital part of the congregation.

Rocky Mountain Chapel was formed in 1999 by Dr. John J. Merwin, and the current building was erected in 2000, with a remodeled addition in 2011. There have been three additional Pastors over the intervening years. The church is debt-free and mortgage-free.

RMC strives to be God glorifying, Christ centered, Bible based, mission minded, and outreach oriented. Our vision is to see the people of Teller County and beyond transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ and glorifying God for all eternity. Our mission is to genuinely worship God, preach the Gospel, love all people, and live out the Christian faith.

Our Motto: Loving God, loving people, and teaching others to do the same.


RMC offers many Bible studies at different times during the week to enable each member to find one that fits their schedule. There are also separate small groups for men’s and women’s ministry. Wednesday Bible study relies heavily on Scripture. Sunday includes a time of fellowship and a monthly potluck. Communion is celebrated during Sunday morning services each month.


Strengths: Making people feel welcomed at all services and extending hospitality to visitors and returning guests, alike. The congregation truly cares for one another, and this is exhibited by the strong prayer chain and prayer requests for each other at each Sunday morning service.

Members are committed to seeing the church succeed, reflected through the steady attendance and regular giving. It is also noted that most people attending services carry their Bible and research the Scriptures during the service and the sermon.

The premises are neat and tidy, and the grounds and building are well-maintained.

Opportunities: These are very exciting, and the possibilities are endless! We expect God to bring a mighty revival to Teller County, and we are looking for the Pastor to be in place for when this revival begins. We are expecting God to move in mighty ways through us! Some ideas involve coat drives and food drives to help meet the needs of the local community. RMC would like a stronger youth and teen ministry that thrives and grows. Along with this, we would like to see more young families make RMC their church home. RMC would like to be a stop-over for traveling ministries or singing groups that might be passing through the area, as a place to show-case God’s talents through God’s people.

Weaknesses:We need to develop more leaders. There is usually a need for Sunday School teachers, and we are working on better communication. The current facilities need more storage space, office space, and a Pastoral office or study. For the most part, members seek to overcome differences with a loving spirit.

Challenges:The limiting size of the facilities. As numbers increase, additional classroom and storage space will be needed, and/or having multiple services on Sunday mornings. Also, additional attendance might create a need to expand parking facilities. In the long run, new members or returning visitors should be constantly encouraged to serve and to keep the faithful volunteers from burn-out. Another limiting factor is that the older members of the congregation don’t like to drive at night or in bad weather. As with any congregation, the enemy can create problems, so a strong sense of unity and love will help deter the enemy from his tricks.


Primary responsibility is teaching and sustaining Biblical doctrines of this church and for equipping God’s disciples.

1. Pastoral Duties

2. Preach and teach the Word of God.

3. Have overall responsibility for the public worship services.

4. Administer communion and baptism.

5. Provide general pastoral care and nurture (such as visitations, elderly, hospital, etc).

6. Leadership Duties

7. Provide overall vision and leadership to RMC.

8. Work with the leadership team to organize and develop the ministry of RMC.

9. Develop leaders.

10. Provide overall leadership for ministry team and outreach.

11. Oversee the development and implementation of ministry objectives.

12. Kingdom Duties

13. Represent the church to the community.

14. Work with other churches.


1. The Pastor is accountable to the Administrative Board who are under the authority of Jesus Christ and the Word of God, the congregation of the Church is the final authority within this local

Church. This authority is ordinarily exercised through the election of an Administrative Board of people to govern the Church.

2. The position description will be reviewed annually by the Administrative Board.

3. Other issues relating to the position are described in the RMC Constitution and By-Laws.


1. A clear testimony of faith in Jesus Christ.

2. Consistent spiritual and moral character and lifestyle, fulfilling the Biblical leadership qualifications of an elder described in I Timothy 3:1-7 and in Titus 1:5-9.

3. Agreement with the doctrinal statement of RMC.

4. Competent in organization, administration, and interpersonal relationships.

5. The desire to remain in a long-term ministry at RMC.

6. Competent in Bible teaching and preaching.

7. Successful ministry experience.

8. Adequate skills and education for the position.

9. Ordained or willingness to be ordained.

10. Sense of humor.

Experience Required
1-5 years


Education Required
Master's Degree

Date Posted
1 month ago
Cripple Creek, Colorado


Church Size
0-100 people