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Has God called you to lead? Has God called you to preach? Has God Called you to cast vision to empower people to share their faith? Are their parts of the American Christian church that you are seeing headed in the wrong direction? Maybe God is stirring a call in you to plant a church!


Converge MidAmerica is a church planting organization that spans as far North as Michigan and as far South as Florida. We have recently been focusing and praying for more planters in midsized to small cities. We are excited that God has been providing qualified planters and are looking for MORE who will help with this catalytic move of God.  

We are NOT model specific in our church planting efforts. Instead, we work personally with each planter to help them plant the church that God has called them to. For some planters that might be a launch large model in the suburbs, and for others it may be a bi-vocation plant in a rural town. Some may lean more attractional while others focus on missional communities and a slow incarnational approach. Bottom line is that we want our church planters to reach THEIR communities for Christ. We have a robust training and coaching system to help you be as impactful as possible. We are a missionary organization, meaning that we do not charge money to become part of our network.  

Our church planters raise their financial support. We offer generous grants to get you started and train you how to raise the necessary funds. We handle your fundraising money and provide payroll and accounting services so that you can focus on launching the church. For many pastors considering church planting, raising funds is the most intimidating barrier to taking the step. There is no doubt it is a faith stretching part of the journey but rest assured we help you with the process. 

We are looking for leaders who not only reach their communities by planting a church but those that want to be part of a movement of helping other planters and pastors as well. Start the conversation with us and let's see where it leads.

Here are some areas we've been praying for:

Georgia (This is a newer area for us. Looking for a Pioneer!)

Lousiana (This is a newer area for us. Looking for a Pioneer!)

Mississippi (This is a newer area for us. Looking for a Pioneer!)

Murfreesboro, TN 

Chattanooga, TN

Memphis, TN

Columbia, MO

Cape Guardo, MO 

Wentzville, MO 

Springfield, MO 

Kansas City, MO (Lee Summit)

Lexington, KY 

Springfield , IL

Lexington-Fayette, KY

Owensboro, KY

Fayetteville, AR

Bloomington, IL

Fort Wayne, IN

Central Florida


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Experience Required
1 – 5 years


Education Required
Some college

Date Posted
1 year ago
Nashville, Tennessee


Church Size
0-75 people

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