Job Description



1.The Personnel Committee of the Sierra Vista Community United Church of Christ shall administer  

   this contract.


2.The minister is an employee and is responsible for the payment to the IRS for Social Security and  

   FICA. The church will record his employment under IRS Form W-2.


3.This contract shall begin on (To Be Determined). This contract can be terminated by the Church  

   Minister or the Church Council by giving at least 60 days written notice to the other, or upon other  

   terms to which both parties mutually agree.


4.The duties of the Church Minister shall be to:

A) Conduct Sunday Worship Services to include celebration of Holy Communion and services for  

     Maundy Thursday and Christmas Eve. Also participate in Lenten Soup Suppers.

   B) Confer with the Chair of the Deacons or a representative regarding our worship service.

   C) Confer with the Choir Director and the Chair of the Music Committee or a representative  

        regarding music for the Sunday Worship Service.

   D) When requesting special hymns for a particular service, provide information regarding hymns  

        one week prior to service to allow musician(s) time to learn the music.

   E) Provide initial draft for prayers and other materials for the Sunday bulletin by Tuesday 11:00 

        A.M. and provide the final draft by Thursday 11:00 A.M. to allow the church Administrative

        Assistant time to add these materials to the bulletin and duplicate the bulletin for the Sunday  


   F) Provide and teach a weekly Bible Study class for the congregation and guests in cooperation  

       with the Christian Education Chair or representative. This program may be suspended during the  

       summer months.

   G) Support the Sunday School classes and explore possibilities for youth services.

   H) Visit the sick and homebound church members in the Sierra Vista area. Maintain a log listing  

        individuals and dates visited to ensure that no one is left out. Coordinate with out-of-town facility  

        clergy or a representative to contact sick who are hospitalized outside of the Sierra Vista area.

   I) Provide bereavement and short-term counseling.

   J) Officiate at baptisms, funerals, weddings, and memorial services.

   K) Establish and maintain regular office hours and days/time off in coordination with the Personnel


   L) Participate in the minister’s annual evaluation conducted by the Personnel Committee.

       There will be an initial evaluation in 60-90 days after the date of call. Subsequent evaluations will   

       be conducted annually by the Personnel Committee.


5. The Church Minister shall seek “Dual Standing” with the Southwest Conference of the United Church of Christ for the purpose of holding dual ordained ministerial standing. Attend at least one Southwest Conference meeting annually.


6. Time sheet and/or log will be submitted to the Personnel Committee Chairperson or a representative from that committee for the authorization signature. The time sheet/log will be turned in every other Sunday to coincide with the payroll pay period. Pay periods are every two weeks for a total of 26 pay periods per year.


The minister is authorized four (4) weeks unpaid leave for Family Renewal.


Contracted hours will not exceed 28 (twenty-eight) hours per week. If it appears that the 28 hours are not sufficient and must be increased, authorization must come from the Church Council. Ministerial expenses will be reimbursed for the actual amounts claimed.


Auto and Ministerial Expenses will be paid separately from Salary and Housing. These expenses must match the expense sheet.

7. Benefits include paid vacation and four holidays when they fall on regularly scheduled workdays: New Year’s Day, July Fourth, Thanksgiving, and Christmas as specified by the established personnel policies of the church relating to permanent part time positions. When a holiday falls on a non-workday, a workday will be authorized as holiday leave with pay, the specific day to be coordinated with the Personnel Committee Chair or member.


When the minister is required to work on a holiday, compensatory time will be earned and taken as coordinated with the Personnel Committee Chair or member.


Per the Church's Paid Vacation/Leave Policy for Part Time Employees, Permanent Part-time Employees earn paid vacation time per the following schedule:

a. Two weeks of paid vacation for each twelve months worked during the first five years of  


b. Three weeks paid vacation for each twelve months worked during the sixth and succeeding years  

    of employment.

c. Paid vacation(s) will be scheduled and taken in the twelve-month period following the year in which  

    earned. Vacation time may be accrued, if approved by the Council, but may not be accrued more  

    than four weeks. Annual leave should not be taken during the Advent/Christmas season or the  

    Lent/Easter season unless it is an emergency.


8. The Church Minister will hold keys to the sanctuary, church office, and Minister’s office, gate, and fellowship hall. Loss of any key(s) must be reported immediately. The Minister will assume the cost of having the locks rekeyed due to the loss. All keys will be surrendered immediately upon resignation or termination.

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Experience Required
6 – 10 years


Education Required
Some college

Date Posted
1 year ago
Sierra Vista, Arizona


Church Size
75-125 people