Cantonese Assistant Pastor

Sunset Church

Job Description



Sunset Church in San Francisco, California, is a multilingual church with over 1000 attenders with both English and Cantonese speaking worship services. Our vision is to exist to glorify God by making gospel-transformed disciples of all peoples, in our city and in the world. 



The Cantonese Assistant Pastor is a key position on the Sunset Church Cantonese pastoral staff team. The Assistant Pastor works with the Cantonese Lead Pastor to plan, inspire, and guide the Cantonese Congregation to maturity in their walk with God. In addition, under direction of the Cantonese Lead Pastor, the Assistant Pastor works together to develop small groups/ fellowships, discipleship efforts and help with other pastoral duties. 


General Description of Duties:

1.          Work with Cantonese lead pastor to lead & develop various ministries.

2.          Assistt with preaching, counseling, teaching, and visitation.

3.          Mentoring and developing spiritual lay leaders.

4.          Conduct pastoral care and counseling, baptisms, weddings, funerals.


The candidate should possess the following skills, qualities & qualifications:

1.          3 years of leadership experience in Chinese congregation church.

2.          MDiv or equivalent degree from an accredited seminary.

3.          Cantonese & English speaking and writing ability.

4.          Strong leadership and a proven track record of developing leaders.

5.          Called to minister to the Cantonese speaking congregations in SF.


Character Qualities:

6.          Fulfill the elder character qualifications as taught in the Scriptures.

7.          Discretion, perseverance, patience, team spirit and genuine caring.

8.          Love for Jesus and a desire to see lives changed by the gospel.

9.          Solid Biblical knowledge & faithful application of evangelical theology.

10.       Self-motivated with a Shepherd’s heart with a love for people.


Technical/Functional Competencies:

1.          Theological knowledge - Must have solid Biblical knowledge and be able to apply knowledge accordingly.

2.          Preaching / Verbal communication skills - Ability to present information and messages clearly and concisely. 

3.          Teaching - Ability to impart knowledge and truths effectively on an individual, small and large group basis. 

4.          Leadership skills - Ability to oversee, lead, manage and coordinate activities for assigned group.

5.          General pastoral skills - Ability to perform weddings, funerals; visitations and counseling as needed.

6.          Counseling / Mentoring - Ability to provide effective support, guidance and training to individuals.


Other Requirements:

1.          Abides with the Sunset Church’s Article of Faith as defined in the constitution and demonstrates a Christian faith commitment.

2.          Comply with the Sunset Church’s Code of Conduct.


If you are interested in applying for the Cantonese Assistant Pastor Position at Sunset Church, please send your cover letter and resume.  Applicants may be asked to provide a video sample of a recent sermon or teaching.




本教會位於多元文化的三藩市,以中英雙語達成領人作主門徒的使命。現誠 意聘粵語堂助理牧師一名,協助粵語部牧師牧養會眾,推動門徒訓練、小 組、團契、教導和關懷事工。應徵者須具有屬靈品格,道學碩士或以上學 位、能用粵語講道、流利英語溝通、良好行政及團隊能力。 詳情請參看。


Position Filled
Experience Required
1 – 5 years


Education Required
Master’s degree

Date Posted
1 year ago
San Francisco, California


Church Size
750-1,000 people