Associate Pastor of NextGen Ministries

Bethany Baptist Church

Job Description


Part Time: 25 hours per week  Pay: $21,000-23,000 annually (commensurate with experience) 

Reports to: Senior Pastor


The Pastor of NextGen Ministries will work primarily with children and teens. They will provide guidance, coaching, oversight and leadership for both ministries, while working cooperatively and collaboratively with church staff, volunteers, department leaders, and teachers to plan, promote, and coordinate a comprehensive children’s and teen ministry. The goal is to lead children and teens into a deeper disciple-driven and disciple-making faith with Christ that aligns with Scripture and the direction and vision of Bethany Baptist Church. NOTE: The key to this position will be the training and coordination of volunteer leaders. It is not expected that the NextGen Pastor will do all the teaching or leading for both ministries, but will instead train, disciple, and work closely with volunteers to help ensure the long-term health of the ministries they serve.



Bethany Kids’ Responsibilities 

● Work with Kids’ ministry leaders to develop a cohesive ministry plan for reaching and discipling kids within the framework and vision of the church’s Discipleship Pathway. 

● Oversee our Kids’ Ministry Department and help plan special events/activities geared toward children.

● Help recruit, train, disciple and retain volunteers for support and leadership of the Kids’ Ministry; in particular: Sunday Small Groups, Sunday Evening Kids, Summer Kids’ Ministry (VBS) and Kids’ Church.

Teen Ministry (“Refuge Student Ministries”) Responsibilities  

● Work with Teen ministry leaders to develop a cohesive ministry plan for reaching and discipling teens within the framework and vision of the church’s Discipleship Pathway. 

● Plan and lead creative, weekly student ministry meetings – “Refuge” on Sunday evenings.

● Coordinate, communicate and lead occasional events and activities to help build community among  teens such as outings, special events, retreats/camp, DNOW, etc. 

● Help recruit, train, disciple and retain volunteers for support and leadership of the Teen Ministry; in  particular: Sunday Small Groups, Refuge, Special Events and activities. 

Associate Pastor and General Responsibilities  

● Be a voice at the table to help us pray through, dream about and plan the ministry direction for our  church family.  

● Work with the Senior Pastor and Director of Discipleship in employing a cohesive Discipleship Strategy.

● Assist Senior Pastor with pastoral needs and responsibilities as needed (i.e. pulpit supply, counseling,  conflict resolution, weddings/funerals, visitations/hospital visits, etc.). 

● Work alongside the Senior Pastor or church staff to meet other needs that may arise. 


Personal Ministry Responsibilities 

● Maintain an active discipline of personal disciple-making, devotion, evangelism, and ministry. 

● Be a good steward with the resources God has provided to Bethany Baptist Church (Matt 25:21).

● Perform duties and responsibilities in a worthy manner that glorifies Christ and furthers the mission and  ministry purposes of Bethany Baptist Church (Col. 3:23-24). 

● Actively seek professional/ministry development.


This position is considered two-thirds time (25 hours per week).  

• The bulk of planning/ministry time will be teen ministry, but the Kids’ Ministry will be recruiting, training,  and working with the leaders implementing the vision for Bethany Kids’ 

• Sunday AM and PM 

• Bi-Weekly Staff meetings as assigned by the Senior Pastor 

• Time “in office” is required, but very flexible 

• Attend/lead meetings, trainings, coaching sessions or other events as needed 

• Occasional special events, trips, activities for teen ministry 

• Reaching out to teens/parent for discipleship, counseling, or checking in (via text, in person, calls, etc.)



• Biblical Character for the office of Pastor as described in 1 Timothy 3, Titus 1, Ephesians 6:4, 1 Peter 5,  Ephesians 4:12. 

• Ordained Pastor or willing and qualified to work toward an ordination candidacy process based on the  Lord’s leading and pastoral counsel.  

• Bachelor’s degree in a ministry-related field; 

     o OR non-ministry Bachelor’s degree working toward a seminary degree; 

     o OR working toward a bachelor’s degree in a ministry-related field. 

• At least two years of experience in children’s and/or teen ministry. 

• Feels a specific calling to work with kids, teens and their parents for the purpose of making New Disciples  in and through the local church.  

• Able to teach deep truths of Scripture in an age-appropriate and creative manner.

• Strong communication skills – to include social media posting. 

• Teachable/Coachable.  

• Must be able to work autonomously: set personal schedules, goals, deadlines, meaningful on campus/off-campus time, etc.  

• Must be willing to become a member of Bethany Baptist Church.  

• Team player. 


1. Complete the application online at:

2. Attach your resume to your digital application. 

3. Bring with you to the interview four (4) references: 

     o Preferred references are current/former pastors, someone you’ve discipled, someone who’s  discipled you, current/previous parents of kids/teens in your ministry, former students, etc. ▪ Looking for people to speak to your character, capacity, capability 

     o References must be people who have worked/been connected with you within the past 2 years.

Position Filled
Experience Required
1 – 5 years


Education Required
Some college

Date Posted
1 year ago
Wendell, North Carolina

Baptist: SBC

Church Size
125-250 people

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