High School Pastor

North Side Baptist Church

Job Description

High School Pastor | North Side Baptist Church | Weatherford, TX

Position Description (2021)


Scope: The High School Pastor is responsible for developing and leading the student ministry program for 9th through 12th grade students and families who attend North Side. This includes Sunday and Wednesday programming, in addition to other events designed to reach and teach students to worship, grow, serve, and share their faith in age-appropriate ways. As a church strategy, and mandated by Scripture, ministry is a team effort; therefore, every effort should be made to recruit and train an engaged ministry team to assist in leadership, discipleship, and decision making for this ministry.


Family Ministry: The High School Pastor is a member of the Family Ministry Team at North Side working in cooperation with the preschool, kids, preteen, and middle school pastors of the church under the direct supervision of the Family Pastor. The HSM Pastor will look for opportunities to communicate and connect the ministry to the family through Bible study, family training opportunities, conferences, and special events.


Pastoral Care: The High School Pastor is the primary pastoral care provider to families of the students who are active in this ministry. Therefore, the High School Pastor is set apart to represent the church and the pastor’s office in ministry to members who are hospitalized or ill at home, in nursing care or assisted living centers, or in personal or family crisis. This is a shared responsibility with the Family Pastor and the other members of the pastoral care staff.


Specific Responsibilities:


  • Work with the High School Ministry Team to establish the vision for our High School ministry and develop a plan to carry out the vision.


  • Develop and lead programs according to the vision and purpose of the student ministry.
  • Create outreach programs, activities, and events such as retreats & camp (evangelism).
  • Plan spiritual growth programs, activities and events that include opportunities for students to worship, fellowship with each other, learn Biblical truths and apply them to their lives (spiritual growth).
  • Plan programs, activities, or events to develop students who want to reach out and serve others, impacting them with the love of Christ (student leadership & missions).
  • In cooperation with the Social Media Manager, develop and implement a strategy for social media that is informative, inspiring, responsive, and responsible. Look for opportunities to engage teens in the process of using technology for ministry.


  • Recruit and train volunteer leaders to help carry out the ministry.
  • Every student should know an adult who is praying for them and investing in their lives.
  • Meet regularly with your volunteers and staff.
  • Pour into your team with consistent and relevant training to equip for ministry.
  • Train Bible Study teachers and leaders in current youth culture, how HS students learn and process information, and what the spiritual lives of HS students should be like at this stage in their lives.
  • Build and maintain relationships with students both churched and unchurched.
  • Engage regularly with students from the youth group.
  • Befriend unchurched students with a “no strings attached” attitude.
  • Seek opportunities to “hang out” & support students at church, on campus or in the community.
  • Equip students to consistently live out their faith in their relationships, activities, education, families, and in their preparation for life after high school.
  • Use social media and technology to connect with students.


  • Build and maintain quality relationships with parents as part of the Family Ministry strategy.
  • Clearly share the vision with parents so they understand the purpose of HSM.
  • Create avenues of consistent contact with parents (regular e-newsletters, semi-annual parent meetings, Bible studies focused on family needs, etc.).
  • Become aware of the needs of the parents and how to effectively address those needs.
  • Assist parents as the primary faith trainers of their students.


  • Network with other student pastors & leaders in the community.
  • Initiate contact with other leaders to pray for the community, campuses, and churches.
  • Meet regularly with other youth pastors & leaders for encouragement and sharing ideas.
  • Program or attend area events with other student ministries annually.


  • Work with the Executive Pastor, and Financial Manager to set and oversee the High School ministry budget.
  • Appropriately allocate a budget that reflects the values, vision, and purpose.
  • Be diligent with financial resources, following the budget that is set.
  • Provide accurate accounting of each major High School student ministry event.


  • Involve students in ministry of our multi-generational church (vision, worship, mentors and ministries).
  • Attend regular church staff and Family Ministry Team meetings.
  • Provide updates to the Family Pastor of your goals, accomplishments, prayers and praises.
  • Other duties as assigned.


Schedule: This is a full-time position. Full-time ministers are expected to work four weekdays, and Sunday. A fifth weekday is recognized as a day off. The specific day off should be selected by the minister and approved by the Executive and Family Pastor. This position is unique in that much of the work of Student Ministry is done off campus. It is the minister’s duty to inform appropriate administrative staff when engaged in off-campus ministry activity.


Benefits: Medical insurance (employee only coverage), retirement matching contribution (up to 5%), Christmas bonus (as approved by the Personnel Committee), and reimbursable expenses for personal cell phone, up to 50% of home internet expense, and mileage reimbursement for ministry mileage. Reimbursements are available in compliance with the reimbursable expense policy outlined in the Personnel Handbook.


Additional Important Information: Ideal candidates will have at least five years’ experience leading a youth ministry of significant size in a Baptist church. A bachelor's degree is preferred. Candidates are expected to have a keen understanding of social media, and its proper use in a ministry setting. Salary will be based on experience, education, and other ministry-related training or skillset. Our church values missions and the High School Pastor will be expected to support this through their ministry efforts and planning. We value every generation and expect our staff to show respect for our senior adults, recognizing that these who have gone before us have paved the way for our current ministry efforts. Due to the size of our ministry, it is imperative that the High School Pastor has a demonstrated track record of managing large groups and networking with other local youth pastors. This position is being filled by a search committee comprised of our Family Pastor, student ministry volunteers, and high school students that will make a recommendation to the Personnel Committee and Executive Pastor.

Position Filled
Experience Required
1 – 5 years


Education Required
Bachelor’s degree

Date Posted
1 year ago
Weatherford, Texas

Baptist: SBC

Church Size
3,000-5,000 people

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