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First Baptist Denison

Job description: Worship Pastor



1.    DISCIPLE: Pursue and maintain a healthy, growing relationship with Jesus Christ

2.    CHRISTIAN HOME: Maintain Christ-honoring relationships at home, leading from either his singleness or from his marriage, and discipling any children in the home in the way of the Lord.

3.    DISCIPLER: Fully engage in First Baptist Denison’s discipleship process, both personally and in leading and encouraging other church members to do the same. Identify a group of individuals in whom to invest and lead in the process.

4.    WORSHIP LEADER: Lead worship through music that engages the congregation in worship, teaches sound doctrine, and magnifies the greatness of God.

5.    MUSIC TEAM LEADER: Develop a worship ministry, developing/training a team of people from the congregation to improve their musical skills and to lead worship.

6.    AUDIO TEAM MEMBER: Work with the Audio Team to optimize the sound quality of the worship service, both in-house and streaming/online.

7.    MINISTRY TEAM: Serve (as leader or team member) on at least one (not all) of the following ministry teams:

a.     Video, Web, and Social Media: Creating video for use in the worship service and/or for online discipleship resources. Creating content for sharing on social media. Maintaining social media presence on various platforms.

b.    Outreach and Missions: Developing strategy for neighborhood outreach. Planning outreach events and coordinating follow-up. Planning and coordinating mission trips and local mission projects, including Love Out Loud (local Christmastime mission projects).

c.     Properties: Identifying needs in buildings and on campus. Coordinating maintenance and repairs. Planning improvements. Artistic vision for various spaces.


1.    COVOCATIONAL POSITION: The expectation is that the worship pastor will need another source of income besides the salary the church provides. This additional income source may be a full-time job, a part-time job, or supplemental contractual work. The additional work must be ethical and be conducted in a way that glorifies God and strengthens the reputation of the church in the community.

2.    SUNDAY MORNINGS: Lead worship 49 Sundays per year. (Provisions will be made for a worship leader whose primary second job is itinerant worship leading**).

3.    MUSIC TEAM: weekly meetings for practice and development.

4.    CHURCH LIFE: Belong to a BFG (Bible fellowship group) and/or develop the music team as a discipleship unit that functions as a BFG. Arrange his schedule to be present for all church outreach events, all whole church fellowships, and at least three Wednesday night meals per month.

5.    STAFF: Attend monthly staff fellowships. Attend weekly staff meeting as work schedule allows. When missing a staff meeting, arrange a personal meeting with the pastor weekly. Assist with pastoral care as needed.

6.    COMMUNITY: Live locally or relocate to the area within the first year of employment.

**For a worship pastor whose primary second occupation is itinerant worship leading: the worship leader would be allowed to lead worship elsewhere 10 Sundays per year, with no more than two in any given month. In the office, active in community ministry, or on-call at least eight weekdays (Monday-Thursdays) each month. 


1.    CHARACTER: Reflect godly character and set an example (Titus 1:7-9). Make his personal relationship with God his primary vocation.

2.    EXPERIENCE: At least two years leading worship preferred. At least five years of active church membership. Theological training is a plus.

3.    SKILLS: Skilled musician and vocalist. Able to engage congregation and encourage congregational singing and worship. Able to build and maintain discipleship relationships. Knowledge of sound equipment; able to advise or lead audio team.

4.    SPIRITUAL GIFTS: Creative communication and encouragement. Demonstration of evangelism gift is a plus. Other relevant gifts: Leadership, craftsmanship, pastoral gifts, administration.

Interested candidates should send a cover letter and resume to pastor Steve Suffron (see church website). For questions and clarifications, you may call (903) 465-4886.

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Denison, Texas
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