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Plymouth Christian Academy

Secondary English and Language Arts Teacher


Plymouth Christian Academy is seeking full-time and part-time, Secondary English and Language Arts Teachers (Grades 7-12). The qualified individual(s) are expected to demonstrate patience, humility, integrity, and kindness while performing his or her daily duties.

In faithful living, you are expected to:

1.      Be committed to a consistent, daily walk with Jesus Christ.

2.      Believe that the Bible is God’s word, standard for faith and daily living

3.      Model Biblical principles in attitude, speech, and actions toward others. (Luke 6:40)

4.      Be Actively involved and faithful to a local church which has a Statement of Faith in agreement with the school’s Statement of Faith.

5.      Demonstrate by example, the importance of Scripture study, prayer, witnessing, and unity in the Body of Christ.

6.      Agree with the school’s Statement of Faith and Christian philosophy of education.

7.      Have the spiritual maturity and personal leadership qualities to nurture children.

Position Summary:

The Secondary English and Language Arts Teacher position uses creative methods to foster a desire for students to learn and grow spiritually, academically, emotionally, and socially. The goal of instruction is to ensure that students accomplish the objectives established by the school for each grade level. The specific focus is to provide quality instruction with a biblical perspective. The English Teacher also interacts with students inside the classroom, halls, and common areas of the school. This position also meets with parents during conferences and collaborates with other teachers and administration daily. 


·      Bachelor of Arts in Education

·      Michigan State Teacher Certification, Secondary English, and Language Arts

·      Knowledge and experience teaching AP/higher level English classes is preferred.

·      A strong commitment to the philosophies, mission, and educational philosophies of Plymouth Christian Academy.

·      A love to teach, especially the Word and emulate Jesus’ love always.

·      The call of God to serve as a teacher.

·      Excellent interpersonal skills interacting with children, parents, and colleagues.

·      Spiritual gifts of teaching, discernment, administration, leadership, service, and exhortation.

·      Effective group facilitation skills.

·      Strong computer skills.

·      Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

·      Effective organizational skills.

·      Continuing professional development                                    .

·      Flexibility and dependability.

·      Ability to adapt to the use of a Learning Management System, that may be used with in-person and distance learning.

Job Responsibilities:

·      Model Christ in word and deed.

·      Write weekly lesson plans for all classes, based on the Plymouth Christian Academy curriculum guide.

·      Establish and maintain communication with parents as specified by administrative policy.

·      Read and respond to Plymouth Christian Academy email/staff communications throughout the day, to remain informed.

·      Maintain accessibility for student questions, concerns, ministry, and counsel.

·      Attend staff devotions and staff meetings, weekly.

·      Participate in afterschool events, that promote relationship building such as the school picnic and auction.

·      Actively engage in the accreditation process for the school's continuous improvement plan.

·      Adhere to specified professional dress.

·      Attend and participate in designated Chapels.

·      Open every day with prayer.

·      Establish and maintain accurate records on each student.

·      Prepare report cards and report card comments as well as maintain ongoing grade record keeping.

·      Ensure student graded, work folder is sent home every Friday and students return failing grades with a parent signature, every Monday.

·      Participate in scheduled grade level team meetings.

·      Discipline with love and establish incentives for improving behavior.

·      Provide remediation or enrichment for students as necessary.

·      Teach Social Studies with the Biblical Integration method.

·      Evaluate students in all subject areas.

·      Create & update parent newsletter weekly.

·      Plan and participate in field trips.

·      Know the student dress code to ensure students comply with the standards.

·      Compile and maintain an up-to-date sub folder.

·      Uses technology to supplement lessons.

·      Records daily attendance to maintain accurate attendance records.

·      Orders classroom supplies.

·      Organizes classroom materials.

·      Performs student dismissal duty.

·      Helps and attends Christmas/Easter programs.

·      Works with room moms to facilitate and organize classroom parties/celebrations.

·      Secure classrooms for use by Children’s Ministry and other ministries.

·      All teachers are responsible for erasing their white boards at the end of each teaching day (good stewardship element).

·      Must be able to lift 40 lbs.

Note: School policy requires that each successful applicant be free of past serious legal infractions as determined through criminal records check with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies.  

About Calvary Baptist Church

Plymouth Christian Academy is a ministry of Calvary Baptist Church. It is a non-denomination, college preparatory Christian school. We are located in Canton, Michigan on a beautiful 45-acre campus, which is in the metro Detroit area. Since 1976, our pre-school through 12th grade programs have been designed to accomplish our mission of educating and equipping students for lives of learning, leadership and service.

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Entry level


Education Required
Bachelor’s degree

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2 years ago
Canton, Michigan


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