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Clackamas Bible Church Job Description: Director of Youth Ministries. Position summary: Part Time 20 -30 Hours per week. Terms: At will contract with hourly wages. Vacation and sick time allotted. Job Description: The Director of Youth Ministries supports the greater vision of the CBC by leading ministry aimed at high school and middle school aged students. Supervision to the College/Career leadership may also be involved. The position is primarily responsible for recruitment, training, and development of volunteers, while developing programming for both “large group” times as well as “small group” and individual discipleship for students. Purpose: To develop and implement a program to reach and expose students to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and immerse them into Biblical values in a relevant manner. The goal of inclusion into the Body Life of CBC is to be provided by: 1. Giving oversight to all Youth Ministries at Clackamas Bible Church – (Middle School, High School and College/Career - Hereafter termed “CBYM”). 2. Developing, training, and supervising all leadership to assist with implementing CBYM. 3. Incorporating a healthy balance of evangelism and discipleship interaction with students and families. 4. Supporting and supplementing the parent’s endeavors to biblically enrich their students toward spiritual maturity, while being in line with the CBC Mission and Vision Statements. Qualifications: Personal/Spiritual: 1. A heart for God, and an evident walk with Jesus. 2. Ability to communicate with students and with parents in an affirming manner, in order to encourage, exhort and correct according to the needs. 3. Being able to teach and work in agreement with the CBC Statement of Faith. 4. Having a good understanding of the Bible and Christian doctrine. 5. Having a good understanding of youth and their special/cultural issues. 6. Be of sound and mature biblical character. Professional: 1. Advancing in development of specific gifts and abilities toward greater effectiveness in performing the duties outlined below. 2. Training and experience sufficient to perform the duties outlined below. Have a B.A., or the equivalent of, in field related studies is preferred but not required. (e.g. – Bible, Adolescent Development, Education, etc.) 3. Seeking accountability with pastoral staff and a prayer support team to ensure integrity, preserve character, and personally protect the soul, heart and mind as abiding in Christ. (Description Continued) 2 Working Relationships: Reports to Family Ministries Pastor and/or Elder Board. Maintains accountability to Christ as the Head of the Church, and then to the elders and CBC staff. Involvement and accountability to the church body is expected as well. Maintenance of regular communication with students and parents will be required, as well as weekly staff meetings with the church staff. Working Schedules: The Ministry Director will be required to be a member or become a member of CBC and maintain consistent attendance in the body life and worship by: 1. Being present at Sunday morning services (1 to 3.5 Hours). 2. Being present at “Family Night” activities on Wednesday nights (2-3.5 Hours). 3. Attending an Elder Board meeting once (1x) a month (1-2 Hours). 4. Attend Joint Elder Board/Deacon Council Meeting once (1x) a quarter. 5. Direct a monthly or quarterly Youth Ministry workers meeting. 6. Direct a quarterly parent’s meeting. 7. Adopt regular on campus schedule to have office presence with fulfilled hours. 8. Plan and participate in routinely scheduled activities. Hours may need to flex to cover for some evenings and weekends appropriate to the activity. Responsibilities and duties: 1. Provide for, or ensure provision for, teaching of the Middle School, High School, and College/Career ministries. 2. Plan activities for CBYM in cooperation with the CBC staff and with approved posting on the church calendar. 3. Provide direction and counseling to students and parents as needed and with appropriate guidelines promoted. 4. Participate in further training and education opportunities yearly, or as presented under church leadership direction. 5. Maintain legal and proper use of facilities and property utilized for CBYM. 6. Develop CBYM Yearly Budget in congruence with the CBC bookkeeper and deacons. Track expenditures and receipts. 7. Provide adequate screening and training of ministry volunteers. 8. Develop student leaders through ministry training and orientation. 9. Regularly utilize local and/or national networking and resources to keep abreast of current trends and best practices for Youth Ministries.

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1 – 5 years
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Some college
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Clackamas, Oregon
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