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Welcome to First Baptist Church

Founded in 1944, First Baptist Church is a family-focused Converge affiliated church in the small but growing northwoods city of Medford, WI.   Within the last 5 years we moved into a beautiful new building and remodeled our previous church facility to serve as a youth center for outreach to local students. 

At First Baptist we treasure our families.  While our congregation spans all generations and ministers in many ways, First Baptist has always been a church where kids are a big focus.  From Sunday School to Awana, to youth group, our people turn out to serve, with thousands of volunteer hours faithfully contributed each year.  

At First Baptist we ARE a family.  We are a practical and loyal congregation of around 400, eager to hear God’s word from the pulpit and to see it proclaimed in our community.  Our history of strong, expository preaching informs our search for our next lead pastor.  We are hopeful that God will provide a faithful leader who will build on this heritage and equip our body to continue the work of ministry in Medford for years to come. 

For more information on our church:    FBC Medford Profile


Lead Pastor Duties (primary)

●       Provide direct leadership to the pastoral and office staff, building a culture of purpose and unity as this team pursues its mission to bring glory to Christ. Ensure that all staff members fulfill the requirements of their job descriptions.

●       Function as the primary preaching pastor, overseeing all Sunday morning preaching, even if absent. Guard this sacred responsibility, ensuring all teaching is sound, gospel centered, and grounded in the Word of God.

●       Train and disciple leaders, equipping and empowering the church to do the work of ministry (Eph 4).

●       With the elders, strategize, lead, and implement church-wide initiatives to further the church mission and the kingdom of God.

Other Roles

●       Serve our families in conducting weddings and funerals as needed, along with other pastors.

●       Serve the Lord’s Supper, or Communion. This should be done at least once per month and may be delegated to other pastors.

●       Encourage and conduct baptisms as the Lord provides new converts or as growing believers desire to be baptized. This can be delegated to other pastors.

●       Along with other pastors and elders, provide short term counseling to couples or individuals within the church, maintaining the highest standards of moral integrity, biblical counsel and confidentiality.

●       Serve under the leadership of the Elder Board, assisting the Elder Chairman with meeting dates and agendas. Meetings should take place at least once per month.

     Character/Spiritual Life Requirements

●       Sound character and integrity, meeting the biblical qualifications of an elder and overseer as defined in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1.

●       A history of compassionate character, demonstrating the activity of the Holy Spirit with fruit as listed in Galatians 5.

●       Complete agreement with First Baptist Church’s doctrinal statement.

●       A heart of humility, evidenced in his willingness to shepherd and serve sacrificially.

●       A deep commitment to prayer and personal time in God’s word.

●       Transparent in sharing not only his strengths and victories, but his needs and faults.

●       A love for God’s word and a passion for making disciples.

      Education/Experience Requirements

●       A demonstrated gifting and background in preaching God’s word – has experienced the challenge of sermon prep and delivery on a regular basis.

●       Has undergone formal theological/ministry training (Seminary degree or equivalent is preferred).

●       Minimum of 5 years of experience as a pastor, or equivalent experience in other full time ministry.

●       Has demonstrated faithfulness and fruitfulness in ministry.

●       Has experience being part of an elder board, or serving with an elder board.

●       Desired – Experience with a church of at least 300 attendees.

Welcome to Medford, WI

Medford is a small and active city on the edge of Wisconsin’s beautiful Northwoods.  With a population of 4,300, Medford sounds smaller than it feels.  An additional 30,000 people live in the surrounding rural areas and the population swells during the work hours of Medford’s many thriving industries.  This gives our church a less rural feel than one might anticipate and allows First Baptist to draw from well beyond the city limits as we seek continued growth. 

Medford is truly a gateway to the great outdoors.  Within an hour of town, outdoor enthusiasts will find almost unlimited paddling, biking, hiking, fishing, and hunting opportunities on the lakes, rivers, trails, and public lands in Northern Wisconsin. 

For more information on Medford, WI: Medford Area Profile

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About First Baptist Church

Experience Required
6 – 10 years


Education Required
Master’s degree

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2 years ago
Medford, Wisconsin


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