Job Description

1. Purpose

Provides leadership and vision to overall program development, coordination, implementation, and direction to staff and volunteers who are committed to discipling and shepherding children ages Birth-Grade 5.

2. Accountability

A. The Director of Children's Ministries will be directly accountable to the Lead Pastor.

B. The Director of Children's Ministries will also be a team player and will work in cooperation with other Pastoral staff and Ministry leaders within the church.

C. The Director of Children's Ministries will receive an annual review, from the Lead Pastor.

3. Qualifications

A. Baccalaureate degree and divinity degree desirable.

B. Five years’ experience working with children’s ministries is desirable.

C. Ability to disciple and effectively teach children birth through grade five.

D. Ability to develop and lead creatively children’s programs and ministries that equip parents.

E. Ability to recruit, motivate and equip volunteer children’s teachers and workers.

F. Endorse and support the church vision and mission statement.

G. Remain a member in good standing of GT Church.

4. Responsibilities

A. Will be responsible for recruiting, training, and developing adult leaders who have a passion for shepherding children.

B. Will be the point-leader of the Children's Ministry Team, responsible to provide direction, spiritual oversight, vision, strategic development, and coaching for Ministry Team members.

C. Will be responsible to work with the Children's Ministry Team in the development of a unified strategic plan that includes the following key areas: clearly defined values, mission statement, leadership development, evangelism, disciple-making, worship, systematic Bible teaching, personal accountability, and ongoing evaluation.

D. Oversee the development and daily implementation of the Children's Ministry budget.

E. Provide 'hands-on' ministry modeling for adult leaders.

F. Have direct oversight for the following key areas of ministry: Children's Sunday School, Nursery, Summer Programs (VBS, etc.), and Special Events (Easter, Christmas, etc.).

G. Coordinates yearly program calendar

H. Creates and oversees policies and procedures to provide a safe, quality environment for children.

I. Develops and oversees policies and procedures to provide a safe, quality environment for children

J. Oversee leadership selection and training process, maintaining a high standard of excellence in those chosen for leadership. Perform background checks on all-volunteer staff.

K. Serve as a liaison with Pastoral Staff and Ministry leaders to ensure that children are integrated into all church ministries as much as possible.

L. Participate fully as a member of the Pastoral and Ministry staff.

M. Perform other responsibilities as assigned by the Lead Pastor.

Experience Required
1 – 5 years
Education Required
Some college
Job Type

DECATUR, Illinois
Assemblies of God
Church Size