Job Description

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This is a part-time staff position of approximately 15 hours per week. The duties and expectations for this position are as follows:

· Plan the worship music for each Sunday service including song selection and arrangements consistent with the liturgical calendar

· Develop a strong worship team, passionate for Christ, who are spiritually in sync and who love the people of St. James

· Build a strong cadre of worship volunteers, voices, and instruments from the congregation and from local universities including Vanguard, Concordia, and Biola

· Expand the instrumentation and voices used in the service with the use of fewer paid voices and greater use of volunteers.

· Educate the congregation on how to worship the Lord so that the focus is on God and not on musicians

· Mentor and encourage young musicians to lead worship

· Provide background on the hymns and songs to increase the congregation’s connection to the music

· Maintain and develop good relationships with the congregation and have a strong working partnership with the pastor



Because this is a position of worship leadership in the church, the qualified candidate must understand him or herself as first and foremost as a disciple of Jesus who worships God in spirit and in truth (John 4:23). To that end, such a candidate will

· Be able to articulate with clarity the basic Gospel message

· Be able to share with others the saving work of Jesus Christ in his or her own life

· Live a lifestyle consistent with the standards and teaching of the Anglican Church of North America

Skills and Characteristics

The qualified candidate will demonstrate or document as appropriate the following skills and characteristics:

· Accomplished musician and seasoned worship leader who can lead with piano, keyboard, or guitar

· Ability to modulate, transpose, and improvise extemporaneously as needed

· A heart for worship and sensitivity to the move of the Spirit in the moment to lead others in Spirit-led worship

· Experience building a worship team with a variety of different music skills

· Capable of playing and/or leading both contemporary and classical music

· Knowledge of hymnody and the liturgical calendar

· Team-oriented and consensus-building leadership style

· Integrity, honesty, and accountability in interpersonal relationships

· Strong interpersonal skills including oral and written communication

· Demonstrable planning and administrative skills


The qualified candidate will have completed or will be in the process of completing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music with emphasis on Performance. Additional emphasis should include Vocal Music and Teaching. Any of these requirements may be waived in light of sufficient equivalent experience in the field.


Varies depending on experience and skills. This is a part-time position not eligible for benefits.

Experience Required
1 – 5 years
Education Required
Some college
Job Type

Costa Mesa, California
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