Youth and Children's Pastor/Director

First Baptist Lyman | Gulfport, Mississippi
Job Description


  1. Give evidence of a growing personal relationship with Jesus Christ through personal Bible study and prayer
  2. Training in youth and/or children’s ministry that includes at least a bachelor’s in Christian ministry or equivalent ministry experience
  3. Agreement with the Baptist Faith and Message
  4. A strategic leader who casts vision that inspires and equips volunteers, engages well with parents, students and children, creatively leads ministry initiatives, and can organize and oversee First Baptist Lyman’s youth and children’s ministries


The Pastor/Director of Youth and Children reports to the Lead Pastor. This staff member will attend weekly staff meetings and schedule meetings with the Lead Pastor for planning, development and encouragement. The Senior Pastor will conduct an annual performance review and approve vacation day requests (no more than 4 Sundays per year).


We’re a Southern Baptist Church in Gulfport, MS currently averaging around 100 in Sunday morning attendance. A year ago, we had only 1-2 children on Sunday morning, but are now regularly worshiping with 8-12. We also have a youth group that averages 8-14 on Wednesday nights. Both need to grow spiritually and numerically. Our church is beginning to attract younger adults and we have an amazing facility, blended to contemporary worship with a full band and relevant teaching. We have Sunday School with 2 children’s classes and a teen class at 9:45. Everyone worships together at 10:45 and kids dismiss to our newly formed children’s church after worship. We envision this position teaching Youth Sunday School, Children’s church and leading Youth Group on Wednesdays, while staffing the rest with trained volunteers… However, we realize that much of the work will be recruiting and equipping volunteers and are open to whatever way works best and creates the greatest programs.


1. Youth Ministry

A. Recruit, train and care for a team of adult volunteers to assist with student ministry.

B. Plan and lead First Baptist Lyman’s weekly student ministry gathering. This gathering should be engaging and fun for students while providing gospel-centered teaching and opportunity for group engagement.

C. Develop student leaders through personal mentoring, special training and ministry opportunities.

D. Support student activities by having a periodic personal presence at school activities or other events in which teens participate.

E. Provide pastoral care and first response pastoral counseling to students dealing with issues such as bullying, eating disorders, cutting, addiction, pornography, etc. Involve parents and provide parental support/coaching as appropriate.

F. Organize and lead annual youth missions trip and/or youth camp. Take students to other large group meetings.

G. Organize and lead large student events or fun activities outside the regular weekly meeting (examples: lake day, overnighters, Christian concert, paintball). At least one event per year should be an evangelistic outreach to students.

H. Provide information to students and parents about all upcoming activities.

I. Provide teaching and/or resources for parents about key issues facing students. Champion family-based discipleship.

2. Children’s Ministry

A. Provide oversight and administrative support to Sunday morning children’s ministry (including Sunday School), Wednesday night children’s ministry, and Vacation Bible School.

B. Recruit, train, encourage and provide resources for children’s ministry volunteers.

C. Ensure that children’s ministry events are staffed.

D. Select gospel-centered curriculum for Sunday morning children’s ministry that champions family-based discipleship.

E. Lead children’s ministry during Sunday AM service for children through 6th grade.

F. Provide information to parents about all upcoming children’s activities.

G. Provide teaching and/or resources for parents about key issues facing children.

H. Schedule at least one large scale fun event and several small scale fun events every year for children.

3. General Responsibilities

A. Coordinate an annual ministry appreciation event for children’s and youth ministry

workers (this can be ministry specific).

B. Promote children’s and youth ministry during Sunday service when appropriate.

C. Maintain strong team chemistry with the staff and leaders at First Baptist Lyman. Agree to quickly and biblically resolve any conflicts that may arise.

F. Be available to complete other tasks and responsibilities assigned by the Lead Pastor.

G. Regularly attend and be involved with the ongoing ministry activities of First Baptist Lyman.


1. This is a new position and we envision a normal week at around 35-40 hours, including regular office time, meetings with students, parents and more.

2. Each department is budgeted well and we have an amazing building with lots of room.

3. We currently expect this position to pay in the mid thirties (about 35k) depending on experience and qualifications.

Experience Required
1 – 5 years
Education Required
Bachelor’s degree
Job Type

Gulfport, Mississippi
Baptist: SBC
Church Size