Job Description

A Shephard willingly lead by the Holy Spirit and worth following.· Has been born again. Fulfills character requirements in 1 Timothy 3 & Titus 1. Perform as the Spiritual head of The House of Faith church. Prepare a stimulating scripture-based sermon to deliver at each Sunday service. Bring relevant sermons that impact individuals, the church, community, and the world. Weekly time will be spent in prayer, preparation, and reflection on the Word. Teaching (Faith/Spiritual Development) - Lead individuals and groups to understand and enhance the spiritual dimension of their lives. Pastoral Care/Counseling - Provide opportunities for persons to enter a healing relationship. Provide an empathetic understanding of and concern for persons in the routine and joys as well as the crises and transitions of life, giving assistance where appropriate. Evangelism - Seek to lead persons to make decisions for Christ. Encourage their identification with and participation in the church. Nurturing Fellowship - Support an atmosphere in which people feel accepted, included, and cared for. Guidance for Worship - Coordinate with worship leaders to plan Sunday services and other special events. Special Occasions - Conduct weddings (w/premarital counseling) and funeral services for the membership. Conduct heartfelt child dedications. Conduct meaningful baptisms. Lead spiritual communion, as directed by Christ or according to God’s leading. Staff Supervision - Coordinate with staff to plan and execute ministry goals. Practice sound self-care by maintaining priorities of God-Family-Self. Hold regular posted office hours. For information about the church, visit For information about the geographical area, visit

Experience Required
1 – 5 years
Education Required
Some college
Job Type

Lewiston, Idaho
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