Minister of Worship

First Baptist Church

Job Description

Purpose: To minister to and through FBC Mineola for the fulfillment of God’s will and His Great Commission. To lead FBC Mineola into meaningful worship in all its creative expressions. To lead and prepare FBC Mineola’s people with their talents and gifts to further God’s Kingdom.

Job Description:

Ministry Duties

· To lead FBC Mineola into meaningful worship of our Lord Jesus

· To lead and teach FBC Mineola’s music ministry through Biblical truths and principles 

· To stay spiritually healthy and ready to serve Christ & FBC Mineola

· To be involved in the outreach of FBC Mineola to the ill, bereaved & lost

Programming Duties

· To recruit, lead & equip the adult choir of FBC Mineola for all worship opportunities

· To recruit, lead & equip the FBC Mineola praise team for all worship opportunities

· To recruit & equip leadership for all of FBC Mineola’s choirs and music ministries

· To recruit, lead & equip the Media & Audio team

Administrative Duties

· To work with the Pastor and staff to achieve the objectives of the Great Commission & FBC Mineola

· To work with the Pastor and staff to meet the needs of FBC Mineola in unexpected circumstances

· To work with the Pastor & staff to plan and execute meaningful worship opportunities

· To maintain & expand the music library, other instruments and instrumentations

· To participate in conferences, networking and/or continuing education or training

· To lead in the budgeting & planning of a comprehensive music ministry for FBC Mineola


· Minimum educational requirements: Bachelor's Degree

· Minimum experiential requirements: 3 years


Experience Required
1 – 5 years


Education Required
Bachelor’s degree

Date Posted
2 years ago
Mineola, Texas

Baptist: SBC

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