Job Description

We are looking for a winsome, energetic person with a passion for Jesus and his people to lead our music and worship ministry. We currently have two Sunday morning worship services, contemporary at 9am and traditional at 11am. Before the pandemic our musical groups consisted of adult, bell, and children’s choirs. Familiarity with the Methodist music/worship tradition is important. The position has been part time in the past, but for the right person we are open to full time. A full time position would have shared responsibilities along with another ministry in our church. The shared ministry will be determined by the passion, abilities and experience of the successful candidate.

First United Methodist Church

Fairfield, Texas

First United Methodist Church Fairfield

Director of Music

1. General Description

The Director of Music shall, in cooperation with the pastor and the Chairperson of the Worship Committee, develop a complete program of music for the Chancel Choir. The Director of Music will be responsible to the Pastor as the Administrator of the Church and to the Staff Parish Relations Committee as the employing agency of the church. The Director of Music shall attend all Staff and Worship Committee meetings and the Church Council meetings. An annual review of the Director of Music will be given by the Pastor or the Staff Parish Relations Committee.

2. Qualifications

· Authentic relationship with Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.

· Ability to recruit and shepherd volunteer musicians in the Christian life.

· Love and respect for people.

· Sense of humor and positive attitude.

· Strong team player with the rest of the staff and congregation.

· Attested musical skills and competence. Ability to organize, to coordinate, and to motivate musicians and technical team members.

· Committed to the church’s vision, leadership, and people.

· Dependable, responsible, self-motivated, and creative.

· Bachelor’s degree in Music preferred.

· Working knowledge of choral rehearsal techniques and conducting.

· Knowledge of copyright laws.

· Be involved in evangelism and membership care; at least in one’s own ministry area, as a fundamental part of the total ministry of the church.

· Make every effort to ensure the safety and security of anyone involved in any activity or ministry of First United Methodist Church in accordance with the Safe Sanctuary policy, regardless of whether they have direct staff supervision responsibility or no. Particular care should be taken around the church campus.

· Previous significant successful experience in church music, both traditional and contemporary.

· Maintain confidentiality when requested, in regard to personnel matters, and in “counseling-type” situations.

· Have a personal life that upholds the highest values the Christian faith and does not detract from one’s own ministry of the church.

· Participate in leadership training and professional growth opportunities.

· Experience with technical aspects of worship services: for example, sound boards, lights, etc. is a plus.

· Computer knowledge – general knowledge of office machines.

3. Responsibilities and Duties

· Formation and direction of the regularly weekly rehearsals for the Chancel Choir to prepare music for use in the worship services. Preparation will include hymns, anthems, and responses.

· Physical direction of congregational hymns, instrumental, bell choir, and choral music in the services of worship.

· Regularly plan music for worship services offering counsel to the Pastor, at least one month in advance, and notify the accompanists and the Church Secretary of those choices. It is understood that the Pastor is ultimately responsible for the church’s worship program and the Music Director’s role is advisory.

· Ability in a wide range of styles including Christian classics (hymns) and contemporary music.

· Coordinate planning and preparation directing special seasonal musical events, community services sponsored by our church, and any other special services such as revivals and Taize style services. This will include cantatas during the Lent and Advent seasons.

· Coordinate with and support other musical programs developed for church services, including solos, ensembles and children’s choirs.

· Meet with Chancel Choir & Bell Choir officers on a regular basis to plan choir activities.

· Coordinate with the pianist and organist for time off to insure that two of the three jobs are represented in the worship service.

· Attend Church Council meetings, representing the Music ministries of the church and coordinating church events with other ministry chairs.

· Submit an annual budget for the purpose of purchasing music for use in the church.

Experience Required
1 – 5 years
Education Required
Bachelor’s degree
Job Type

United Methodist
Church Size