Minister to Students

FBC Warrensburg

Job Description


The Student Minister at FBC Warrensburg is the full-time position responsible for the direct leading of the Student Life ministry. They will report directly to the Lead Pastor and Pastor of Discipleship, but will be under the authority of the entire eldership.



To glorify God through the service of His church by equipping the saints to do the work of the Gospel in the primary capacity of supplementing the discipleship students into healthy followers of Jesus and partners in the Gospel.


1.    To embody the character of Jesus Christ as a testament and witness to the Kingdom of God

2.    To love and assist others to follow Jesus in every aspect of their lives

3.    To lead the Student Life in a manner reflective of the church’s wider discipleship purposes and goals

4.    To train and equip leaders, relevant staff, and volunteers for the ministry of the Gospel to students

5.    To build off of household discipleship by growing students in biblical knowledge, theological knowledge, and missional lifestyle.


1.    Demonstrates godly character in all capacities

2.    Manages own household well as demonstrated in shepherding spouse and kids, if applicable, as well as in maintaining financial stewardship in the home

3.    Proven record of working with student ministries

4.    Proven ability to vision cast and equip leaders/volunteers to implement the vision

5.    Proven ability to rightly teach God’s Word, particularly to students

6.    Works well within a team but also is self-motivated and can self-manage

What the job will look like:

  1. Oversee the discipleship and fellowship of the Student Ministry
  2. Under leadership of the lead elder and discipleship elder, cast a one-year and five-year vision, with tangible and actionable goals, for the student ministry to ensure coordination of Sunday and Wednesday activities as well as with the wider family ministry mission and program
  3. With the assistance of pertinent volunteers, design and oversee opportunities for spiritual growth and disciple-making, such as retreats, conferences, etc.
  4. Lead as the primary teacher in Wednesday night ministry
  5. With the assistance of pertinent volunteers, design and oversee Wednesday night student worship gathering
  6. Equip student ministry leaders/volunteers and Gospel Communities for:
  7. Sunday and Wednesday teaching and discipleship of students
  8. Personal mentorship with students
  9. Incorporating students into the wider ministry of the church
  10. Equip and develop relevant staff and volunteers
  11. Develop strategy to recruit volunteers with assistance from staff
  12. Define training program(s) to prepare volunteers for their specific role
  13. Implement communication plan to keep staff and volunteers abreast of current events and happenings

About FBC Warrensburg

FBC is a multi-generational church in a college/Air Force town just 45 minutes outside of Kansas City. The church exists as a partnership in the Gospel to glorify God by making disciples of Jesus Christ who make disciples!

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Experience Required
1 – 5 years


Education Required
Bachelor’s degree

Date Posted
4 months ago
Warrensburg, Missouri

Baptist: SBC

Church Size
500-750 people

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