Student Director/Pastor

901 Church

Job Description

  • To serve the vision of 901 Church by way of student life, development, teaching, and pastoral care.
  • Work closely with other members of the Creative Arts Department to ensure the timely and effective completion of Facebook streaming and other social media postings.
  • Creating a service environment within YTH Night that connects students to the growth track, dream team, to worship, pray, build healthy community and challenges them to grow as leaders within the church.
  • Participate and help accomplish major projects and department goals.
  • Build teams that involve students and empower them as leaders.
  • Strategically promoting YTH Night within the campus using mediums such as Sunday mornings, Student Night and social media.
  • Actively participating in social media on a regular basis for students and parents to stay connected to student services.
  • Connect with schools within the community in order to enable students to participate in student services.
  • Actively following up with every student that fills out a connect card from a student service.
  • Relationally serve students pastoral care needs and create personal growth plans for students to receive and or experience healing, restoration, deliverance, freedom, and the process of redemption.
  • Organize all Student Practicum events and leadership opportunities.
  • Oversight Student Practicum for set-up and tear down for YTH Nights, conferences and retreats.
Experience Required
1-5 years


Education Required
Some College

Date Posted
6 months ago
Millington, Tennessee


Church Size
500-750 people people

Social Media Accounts