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Story Church is a growing, 5 year old church (SBC). We are a missional church with a simplistic structure and schedule. We have a passion for forming kingdom people and planting churches. Our Vision: We are a collection of people with stories imprinted by brokenness and the redemption of Christ. Our Mission: We are a community defined by movement; a people knowing, living and telling the love story of Jesus to the world.


The ideal candidate will have a passion for pastoring teenagers and their families while also being assured of their future calling to Church Planting. The Pastor/Planter will help lead the church and work directly with the pastoral team for personal mentoring and leadership training. The transition from Story Church to Church Planter will be gradual and intentional over 3-6 years. The first objective is to build a healthy ministry to teenagers and their families (see responsibilities below). This objective will be complete when the ministry of Story Youth is in a healthy position for the next Student Pastor. The second objective is to develop the pastor for Church Planting. This will be done through the Send Network and will include their assessment and training program. There will be meetings with other planters, church planting conferences and other training opportunities. The final objective is commissioning and sending the planter. This will include discovery of a location, development a core-team, and development of a biblical vision and mission. Story Church will fund the planter’s salary for at least 3 years as well as guiding the planter in the fundraising process.


Maintain God-ordained priorities in your life.

Be loyal to the Storytellers and vision of Story Church, protecting the unity of the church.

Join a Chapter Group and hold to the Story Church Values, Imperatives and Doctrinal Statement. Doctrinal alignment and theological growth is of paramount importance.

Know, Live and Tell the Love Story of Jesus with your whole-being.

Maintain a balance of family, community, and ministry life. Ministry requires suffering on the part of the shepherd, but never at the expense of losing your family or credibility in the community. Be a trustworthy leader with integrity, humility and responsibility.


Weekly meeting with pastor (direct report) for encouragement, development and planning.

Attend and participate in monthly elders meetings and all leadership communication.

Attend and participate in yearly leadership retreat.

Attend and help organize special ministry events such as 1st Fridays, Night of Worship, Student Ministry Events, etc.

Build and Lead 3 Areas Student of Ministry:

– Ministry Team: Develop a group of Disciple Makers who will provide hands on leadership for the Spiritual Development of our Middle and High School students.

– Parents: Create a culture among supportive parents who will help with organization, promotion and administrative duties of the Student Ministry.

– Students: Facilitate a weekly large group gathering for Jr. High and High School students. Build a group of young leaders who can develop ministry related skills to further their role in the church and community.

> Build relationships with teens and their families through mission, discipleship, and time spent in biblical fellowship.

> Develop and establish a Student Ministry for Story Church with an emphasis on Spiritual Development including knowing, living and telling the love Story of Jesus.

> Plan relational experiences that help facilitate these goals without overburdening families and the church schedule.

About Story Church


We are a collection of people with stories imprinted by brokenness and the redemption of Christ.                   


We are a community defined by movement; a people knowing, living and telling the love story of Jesus to the world.    


COMMUNITY –  A Story of joining together in the love of Christ. 

Core Value: AUTHENTICITY - We value authenticity over image management; biblical community is built on honesty and transparency.

FORMATION – A Story of growing together in the image of Christ. 

Core Value: RESTORATION – We value restoration over condemnation; He alone restores beauty to our broken stories. 

WORSHIP – A Story of standing together in awe of Christ. 

Core Value: TRUTH – We value His truth over self-sufficiency; when truth is hidden in our hearts, worship is a natural expression. 

MISSION – A Story of serving together in the grace of Christ.

Core Value: MOVEMENT  - We value movement over locale; a people on mission, sent from one location.

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Experience Required
5-10 years


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Bachelor's Degree

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Rogersville, Missouri

Baptist: SBC

Church Size
200-300 people people

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