Community Coordinator

Pacific House of Mission

Job Description

Community Coordinator

Job Overview:

Develop and lead the continuity and growth of youth ministry-related programming covering the scope of a particular military community on Oahu. This principally means generating teams of student-&-adult leader teams which in concert help run middle and high school programs with the twin aims of: (a) building healthy student peer groups and connectivity between families and (b) advancing Christian knowledge, followership, and community.

Responsibilities and Duties (includes but not limited to):

  • Recruit, develop, & directly lead an apprenticeship style “team” of student-leaders & lay-leader adults who are committed to training, mutual growth, and serving in roles of the program
  • Coordinate, promote, and supervise weekly high school and middle school studies focused on building scriptural-literacy and on stimulating dialectic discourse in gatherings of diverse persons
  • Coordinate, promote, and supervise weekly large group sporty/outdoor gatherings on the regular playing fields of teenagers
  • Coordinate, promote, & supervise weekly “talk/discussion” groups—(of various cultural, ethical, technical, & belief-system topics of their choosing)—during the lunchtime of public campuses
  • Coordinate, promote, and supervise periodic contact-work get-togethers for the purposes of friend development and mentoring
  • Coordinate, promote, and supervise quarterly ventures (kickoff/retreat/hike/banquet/project) which, in concert with PHM’s greater team, expands that particular season’s focus of ministry
  • Coordinate, promote, and supervise regular connectivity and digital communications such that peers, households, congregations, and the community can join in and pursue the mission’s goals together
  • Fulfill regular membership commitments of the PHM staff to include coordination meetings, reports & planning, Sunday chapels attendance, trainings, & Mission/community fellowships
  • Lead and maintain a Support Team for the financing of your particular job-position and for your personal community’s tie-in with news and prayers concerning your mission work


  • 4-year college degree or equivalent that is related to this job
  • 3+ years previous ministry leadership experience
  • history of ministering directly with high school students, middle school students, and
  • adult ministry teams; plus, senses a calling to reach and impact members of the US
  • military in Hawai’i
  • follows Christ & his curriculum, involved in his Church, lives charitably before
  • nonbelievers
  • reaches out to, works alongside, enlists, & serves under: diverse kinds of people in their
  • differences—to include age, gender, ethnicity, style, & tradition
  • able to build and maintain a missionary “support team” of monthly donors to fund the
  • position
  • “mission-stamina”: (a) will commit to 3 years ministry work; (b) humble, learns, able to
  • follow and is brave to lead; (c) can “endure a pinch” in a changing and oft-disregarding environment

Compensation: This is a missionary-support position which involves funding 110% of the staff person’s intended Gross Salary (the 110% = costs of salary + costs of the job-positionitself). PHM provides training and a process for the staff person to raise a financial Support Team comprised of monthly donors to their ministry work, in concert with that staff person establishing benchmark budgeting goals for their household to live on (pay bills, grow, host, save, & give).

About Pacific House of Mission

Pacific House of Mission goes to where people are and builds “Christ Followership” there, into the arenas of U.S. military and O’ahu island life together—generating programs, activating leaders, bridging community, dialecting scripture—for the commission of a faith that is wise to the gospel, people, and times

Experience Required
1-5 years


Education Required
Bachelor's Degree

Date Posted
1 year ago
Wahiawa, Hawaii


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