Fundraising Professional Needed

The Care Center

Job Description


Thank you for reading our ad

We are easy to work with.

This can be a hybrid position.

Our founder, has been in ministry, for 37 years.

We care deeply, about people, helping to make disciples, of Jesus.

Our mission is vast, but includes, also:

-True revival


- Teaching

- Prayer

- Tent Campaigns

- Discipleship

- Benevolence Program

- Boys and Girls Programs

- Chaplain

- Much more

So, this is for a skilled fundraising professional, with years of experience.

Full time position. We can also discuss this as a freelance, but full time, is best.


Usually, the best way, is, to speak with people, in person, or possibly by phone, to build a relationship, and ask for major donations, and obtain these.

This old-fashioned way, is still the best.

Also, to show each person, that we care about them.

We receive gifts, from both Christians, and secular, but so it is best, to approach Christians and others. This can include individuals, corporations, churches, foundations, and more.

We can discuss your pay, and be generous with you.


$70,000 to $100,000, per year

* If you can please provide details, about your experience, especially, the total you have raised, and how many years of experience, that you have, that would help.

If you can please list a few types, of your previous donors, that would help, also,

such as individuals, churches, corporate, etc.

There is no ministry, similar to ours, and we help the entire nation, so almost anyone, is a candidate, to donate.

After we talk with you, we can provide our complete business plan, which lists many things, including, what donations are used for, plus our full mission statenent, and much more.

We are going to expand all programs, such as speaking events, unique music events, benefit dinners, tent campaigns, discipleship, and much more. 

We also will have many creative events, such as music concerts, TV and movies, and much more.

Please provide a phone number, to call you; your location; and describe your experience. 

Thank you very much.

[email protected]

About The Care Center

A ministry, with locations, in several locations.

Experience Required
10-15 years


Education Required
High School Diploma

Date Posted
1 year ago
Frisco, Texas


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