Remote Project Managment Assistant

TVS Ministries

Job Description

The National Director of Development for our non-profit Christian Online Seminary is actively seeking a dedicated remote Project Management Assistant to join our team. With a strong passion for higher Christian education, we have successfully trained thousands of ministers across 150 countries in 12 languages, all by God's grace and guidance. Each member of our ministry team understands their unique calling and their crucial role in effectively equipping individuals worldwide in areas such as Biblical Studies, Preaching, Apologetics, Pastoral Care, Christian Living, Church History, Church Management, and Christian Theology. You can join us in this meaningful journey!

Position Summary

This position primarily includes remotely creating and organizing fund-raising event concepts according to the director's wishes and coordinating all the logistic details. The project manager works closely with the development and creative team to executive exceptional events that motivate our partners to see our vision and financially support the ministries' goals.

Functions and responsibility

  • Schedule and determine the cost, time, and location of events.
  • Ask and collect bids from service providers, including caterers, florists, or venues.
  • Visit venues or thoroughly investigate them online to ensure they meet the TVS event requirements.
  • Manage details like booking rooms or transportation.
  • Design and prepare event branding, working with graphic designers for print and digital elements for events.
  • Discover and implement all promotion avenues for each event, keeping the established event branding.
  • Train and Communicate with all table hosts to ensure guest qualifications are met.
  • Work with table hosts to register their guests and encourage timely responses to electronic invitations.
  • Negotiate vendors, revise invoices, and approve payments.
  • Discover and coordinate local volunteer teams for each event.
  • Utilize customer relationship management software to track guest and donor interactions before and after events.
  • Maintain polite and professional communication via phone and e-mail with hospitality workers, event attendees, and organization partners.

·       Interact with hospitality workers, event attendees, volunteers, AV providers, and table hosts throughout the event process.

Note: This job description is not intended to be all-inclusive. The candidate may perform other related duties as negotiated to meet the organization's ongoing needs. Additional experience and qualifications in the following are preferred:

Develop and implement strategies to meet fundraising goals.

Familiarity with fundraising best practices.

Proven experience in business development or fundraising.

Identify and cultivate relationships with potential donors, sponsors, and partners.

Collaborate with the director to create compelling messaging and materials to support fundraising efforts.

Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.

Proficient in strategic team collaboration, planning, and goal setting.

Ability to build and maintain relationships with donors, sponsors, and partners.

Marketing experience.

Print and digital graphic design.


Position Requirements


A follower of Jesus.

Strong communication and interpersonal skills

Problem-solving skills.

Computer proficient.

Strong time management expertise.


Able to work simultaneously on multiple projects.


Flexible schedule.

The applicant is also expected to have a reliable internet connection, a quiet workspace, basic technical troubleshooting capabilities, and the ability to quickly become proficient on several computer platforms.


Job Type: Contract labor based on hourly rate determined by experience.

Part-time based on 20-34 hours/ week.

About TVS Ministries

We are a 501-c-3 Non-profit Ministry whose ministry beneficiaries are international Bible students.

Experience Required
5-10 years


Education Required
Some College

Date Posted
3 months ago
Linden, Texas

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