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                                                             Camp Managing Director


BCM International (Canada) is looking for a qualified individual to fill the role of Camp Managing Director for their camp, Mill Stream Bible Camp & Retreat Centre located near Omemee, Ontario.


About Mill Stream Bible Camp & Retreat Centre

In June of 1963 property on Old Mill Road near Omemee was purchased. During the subsequent months a dining room, kitchen, infirmary, cabins and outhouses were constructed and the first camp session began July 11, 1964. During the subsequent years 2 motel structures were built along with an office and maintenance buildings. In 2004 a multipurpose building was opened providing a year-round chapel, auditorium, kitchen, dining hall, washrooms and showers. In 2005 a water treatment system was completed. In recent years 5 new cabins have been built for the girls section of camp and 3 boys cabins have been fully updated..


Mill Stream operates year round with the focus on our own programs during the months of July and August with the facilities available for rentals during the remainder of the year.


Managing Director’s Responsibilities

The Director is responsible for the oversight, coordination and development of all camp ministries, facilities and staff. The Director will continually evaluate the operations, procedures, strengths and weaknesses of the camp ministry with the view of making recommendations and implementing the necessary changes.



The successful candidate will be able to subscribe to the Statement of Faith of BCM International (Canada) Inc. (available on request) and be willing to support the ministry philosophy, policies and procedures of BCM. The candidate will have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and will model biblical leadership to those for whom they are responsible. The candidate will desire to grow in spiritual character and establish biblical standards for all those who will be a part of the ministry of Mill Stream. The candidate will seek to uphold the integrity of the ministry of BCM Canada as well as Mill Stream Bible Camp.


The successful candidate will be appointed by the Board of Directors of BCM Canada and be accountable to the Executive Director of the mission.


The successful candidate will complete the BCM International missionary candidate orientation and be approved as a BCM missionary.


BCM Canada is a faith based registered charity under the laws of Canada and the candidate will be required to raise his/her financial support.


The successful candidate will have post-secondary level education and work experience in an area related to the camping ministry.




The successful candidate will have management skills in relation to the operation of the camp which will include among other responsibilities, maintaining a year-round administration office, program development and oversight, marketing and promotion to the church community and general public.


The successful candidate will be able to develop both a vision and strategic plan for the ministry of Mill Stream Bible Camp and Retreat Centre..


The successful candidate will have the ability to recruit, hire and train camp staff.


The successful candidate will be able to give oversight to the maintenance and management of the camp facilities.


The successful candidate will possess strong interpersonal and organizational skills and be able to communicate effectively both orally and in writing.


The successful candidate skills will include a familiarity with Microsoft Windows 10 O/S and Microsoft Office 2010.


A copy of BCM Canada’s Statement of Faith is available upon request.




For further information and to send a resume:

By mail: Director, BCM International Canada, 70 Melvin Avenue, Hamilton On L8H 2J5

By email: [email protected], subject line: Camp Director


About Bible Centered Ministries

Year round residential camping facility

Experience Required
5-10 years


Education Required
Some College

Date Posted
1 year ago
Hamilton, Ontario


Church Size
0-100 people