Job Description


  1. A3oG’s Next Gen. Ministry exists to reach and disciple kids, youth, and young adults from ages 0-25 by creating environments and opportunities for the next generation to discover and live out a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. 
  2. As the Next Gen. Pastor (which include Children, Youth, and Young Adult Ministries), you serve under the direct supervision of the Lead Pastor. You are a leader, a minister, and an educator. In this capacity your concern is not only for the salvation and discipleship of the people placed in your charge, but also the growth, both spiritually and intellectually, of the leadership under you. You also serve as a liaison between the Lead Pastor and the Next Gen. volunteers and/or staff. Last, you are called on to communicate with parents, volunteers, and leaders, ensuring they stay connected and encouraged in their roles. 

Personal Qualifications: 

  1. The person who serves as the Next Gen. Pastor must have a healthy personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The person should be Spirit filled according to Acts 2:4 with the initial evidence of speaking in other tongues and seeks to consistently live a Spirit filled life including (but certainly not limited to) the regular use of their prayer language for both personal edification and in prayer for others. 
  2. The person should either hold current credentials (licensed or ordained) with the Assemblies of God or pursing those credentials. 
  3. The person must have demonstrated a sincere love for children, youth and young adults and a genuine desire to see them grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ and fulfill the Great Commission. 
  4. The person should be confident and have demonstrated the ability to lead and inspire others toward excellence in ministry. They should have good administrative and organizational skills. They should also demonstrate good written and verbal communication skills.
  5. The Next Gen. Pastor must be a self-starter (does not require constant prodding), be willing to take risks and fail, and be passionate about their ministry. The Lead Pastor is always available for ideas, discussion, and coaching, but it is expected that staff will seek those things out and not wait to be asked. Further, the staff will develop a vision for their ministry area and a strategy to carry out that vision with passion. 
  6. Have a clear calling to Next Generation Ministries. 

Personal Responsibilities

  1. A lifestyle congruent with the biblical qualifications for leaders (1 Tim. 3:1-13; 2 Tim. 2; Titus1:5-9).
  2. Have a consistent, meaningful devotional life.
  3. Attend Sunday services, prayer meetings, and other public services.
  4. Maintain Spiritual gifts appropriate for this position, such as pastoring, leadership, and teaching. 
  5. Follow the example and the leadership of the Lead Pastor.
  6. Continued self improvement 
  7. Keep informed of current ideas and information about ministry to children, teens, and young adults through systematic reading and studying. 
  8. Keep abreast of programs, policies and curriculum that can be effective tools or resources for the Next Gen. Department.

Ministry Responsibilities: 

  1. Pray earnestly for the leadership under you. 
  2. Direct the Ministry volunteers and coordinators under your care. Recruit and train workers. Lead strategic planning, implementation, problem solving and resource procurement. 
  3. Meet weekly with the staff
  4. Meet weekly with the Lead Pastor
  5. Wednesday night youth service. Teach, disciple, and raise up leaders
  6. Meet with key leaders on a regular, scheduled basis for an exchange of information, trouble shooting, training, and prayer. 
  7. Each Next Gen. volunteer (nursery, preschool, kids church, youth, young adults) should have a quarterly meeting for information and training. These meetings should be led by you or the individual ministry leader under your guidance. 
  8. Conduct new teacher training as necessary. 
  9. Keep in (at minimum) bi weekly contact with leaders for management, encouragement, and relationship. 
  10. Continually evaluate the various ministries by visiting classrooms and by talking with the individual ministry leaders, the teachers, the children and the parents. 
  11. Have a relational leadership ministry to our children, youth, young adults and provide counsel, when necessary to our parents. Have regularly scheduled (at least 2/year) meetings w/parents and or families for communication, fellowship and directed spiritual growth and family values. 
  12. As necessary and with Lead Pastors approval, develop new ministries to children, youth, young adults and families as well as policies and procedures that will guide and protect both children and staff. 
  13. Be aware of and support the overall goals and vision of the church. Promote them throughout the Next Gen. Department. 
  14. Promote positive exposure of Next Gen. Ministries to the body at A3oG through bulletin announcements, pulpit announcements and the church website. 
  15. Delegate and oversee the management of the Next Gen. resource rooms. 
  16. Develop and maintain the annual budget for this department. 
  17. Plan and execute fundraisers as needed to support youth and kids budgets. 
  18. Fill in as needed in Kids Church 
  19. Maintain files and paperwork on each new and existing worker and child. 
  20. Oversee the application process for each new worker. All new workers must fill out an application, be approved by the Lead Pastor. 
  21. Each ministry leader should maintain up to date records of the people in their care within the church’s management software. 
  22. Manage and supervise follow-up with kids, youth, and young adults. 

A very competitive salary and benefit package is offered for this position.

About Ann Arbor Assembly of God

Ann Arbor Assembly of God is located in Ann Arbor Michigan. We are a diverse, missional community, united under God, driven by His love to grow together and serve others.

Mission - Reaching Up, Reaching Out, Reaching In

   Reaching Up

  • Inspired Word of God
  • Vibrant worship
  • Holy Spirit Driven
  • Relationship over religion
  • Individual and Community Prayer

“We believe in an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ. This is evident in our Spirit driven worship, the study of the Word, and through individual and community prayer.”

   Reaching Out

  • Community Outreach
  • Relevancy
  • Social Media
  • Hospitality
  • Missions

“We believe our greatest purpose is to love others as Christ did. We are involved in world missions, community outreach programs, and caring for those around us.”

   Reaching In

  • Discipleship
  • Leadership
  • Small Groups
  • Fellowship
  • Relationship over religion
  • Connections

“We believe in growing together through discipleship and fellowship. Small groups and leadership training allow us to encourage each other to use our God given gifts and talents to advance His kingdom.”

Experience Required
1-5 years


Education Required
Bachelor's Degree

Date Posted
1 year ago
Ann Arbor, Michigan

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