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International Christian Church, Virginia Beach, Virginia, is a Christ-centered, biblically based, multi-ethnic, multi-generational church devoted to the Great Commission of making disciples of all nations.


We are praying for a Pastor to guide a church that exists to lead people into a world changing relationship with Jesus. Strong leader, innovative, great communicator, visionary, pastor’s heart. 


Primary Responsibilities


The Pastor shall be effective, consistent, and diligent in carrying out his duties and responsibilities.


·      Prioritize the sharing of the Gospel and proclamation of God’s Word, pray, provide Biblical guidance and care for the spiritual health of the flock and its individual Members.

·      Be in-charge of the conduct of religious services and pulpit supply and officiate the ordinances of the Church.

·      By setting the example, provide caring and steady leadership that motivates members, promotes growth and unity of the Church, is inclusive and unbiased to all members, steps up to resolve conflict and creates an environment where ministry flourishes.

·      In the spirit of cooperation, work alongside the Council towards the Mission of the Church and faithfully execute the policies and decisions set by the Council.

·      Be in close fellowship with and meet regularly with the Elders to proactively promote and protect the spiritual well-being of the Church. The Pastor will provide clear and regular updates to the Elders regarding the overall status of the Church. The Pastor will be evaluated annually in an edifying spirit by the Elders on his ability and willingness to perform the duties and responsibilities according to the Bylaws and the Pastoral Service Agreement.

·      Work with the Elders to put together and adhere to a Pastoral Service Agreement that sets reasonable terms and expectations regarding details of the conduct and performance of the Pastor’s duties during his term.

·      Be responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Church through the resources and staff of the Office of the Pastor. The Pastor shall be judicious in managing resources and ensuring that all staff are functioning and conducting their duties as defined in their position descriptions.

·      Provide effective mentorship and discipleship to empower and encourage Members of the Church to grow in ministry.

·      Regularly evaluate and report ministry opportunities and requirements to the Council. This includes recommendations for the right level of resources and staffing to meet the needs of the Church.

·      Have direct review and approval authority over the spiritual education materials used by the Church.

·      Perform other duties and responsibilities as may be set forth and agreed to between the Pastor and the Council.


Personal Qualities


·      Effective preacher/teacher 

·      Strong leadership and excellent organizational skills 

·      Team player 

·      Heart to serve and minister 

·      Self-motivated 

·      Counseling skills 

·      Resourceful 

·      Encourager/motivator 

·      Good communication skills 

·      Ability to delegate 

·      Adaptable, while being a firm leader 

·      Demonstrates Fruit of the Spirit (Gal. 5:22-23) 



The Pastor shall be a committed Christian whose life will demonstrate the Biblical qualifications of pastor as outlined in 1 Timothy 3: 1-7 and Titus 1: 6-10. His beliefs shall be consistent with the Statement of Beliefs of International Christian Church, and his walk with God will exemplify the teachings of the New Testament. He will testify to a clear sense of God’s call to the pastoral ministry and strong sense of God’s leadership to pastor this church. He will have a combination of formal education and demonstrate experience in pastoral ministry.


If interested, send resume with cover letter to [email protected], or mail International Christian Church, 2969 Holland Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23453.


For information about the church, look us up at




International Christian Church is a multi-ethnic and multi-generational community of believers with the passion to reaching the peoples of the world with the Gospel of Christ. It began as a Filipino congregation but has grown into a church of many nations. The church has a strong missions outreach and an excellent worship ministry.

Experience Required
5-10 years


Education Required
Master's Degree

Date Posted
1 year ago
Virginia Beach, Virginia

Baptist: SBC

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