Job Description

Taproot is looking for a new Lead Pastor. Taproot Church values spiritual maturity, discipleship, and the mutual building up of one another as the family of God. We are not focused on growth or hollow gestures to the surrounding community but rather on the will of God for the church flowing out of sensitivity to His will as we tap into the living water of the Word.

Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate is a humble student of the Scripture.

He is organizationally gifted but is willing to flex when strategy conflicts with the needs of people.

He has capacity to identify priorities and allocate resources accordingly.

He recognizes his own limitations, welcomes transparency and accountability, from other pastors or the congregation.

He values the leadership gifts and wisdom of women in the church.

The ideal candidate seeks discipleship in his own life and leads the congregation to do likewise.

He demonstrates the patience and wisdom necessary to shepherd people of varying theological convictions within the body.


Education: We view a 2-year degree to be a minimum level of education though it need not be theological in nature. We also highly value continuing education and are seeking someone who is pursuing continued theological/pastoral education in some capacity, whether toward a formal degree or similar achievement.

Experience: At least 5 years in a pastoral role and at least 2 years of leadership experience.

Competencies: Organizational Leadership: including (1) the ability to identify and appropriately empower individuals with administrative gifts and (2) communicate effectively and consistently with the congregation are requirements for Taproot.

Vision: Taproot is seeking leadership that envisions the church and the city as the community of believers in Burien and not projects to be grown or fixed.

Values Discipleship: It is important that discipleship be a significant component of the church’s ministry to its members who then in turn invite the community into the family of God out of their own spiritual maturity.

Theological Alignment: Taproot church is reformed-leaning, and balances adherence to the Acts 29 distinctives with a consistent focus on the love of Jesus Christ in all things.

Leadership Humility: Respecting the Biblical principles of both leadership and accountability in the context of congregational shepherding shared between elder and deacon roles, with a recognizable lead pastor who nonetheless shares the burden of church leadership with qualified elders who in turn hold him accountable.

About Taproot Church

Taproot Church is a small but vibrant church in Burien, Washington, a beautiful suburb of Seattle. Taproot has a long history of faithfulness amidst the unique challenges of doing ministry in the Pacific Northwest. The church is filled with dedicated and faithful people who value each other through community and service. Many of those who remain are regular attendees who have been at the church for decades, including some who were present when Taproot was founded in 1963.

Experience Required
1-5 years


Education Required
Some College

Date Posted
1 month ago
Burien, Washington


Church Size
200-300 people