Student Ministries Associate - Jr. High

First Baptist Church

Job Description

Student Ministries Associate – Jr. High

10-25 hours per week

Job Flexibility:

First Baptist Church is seeking the right candidate to join a team of people ministering to students at First Baptist

Church. Discussions about desired hours for this position, along with the position responsibilities, will be take place

during the interview process and can be negotiated depending on the type of candidate hired. This person may be still

pursuing a degree, may be needing an internship, may not have much leadership experience in ministry and therefore

may be qualified for a 10-15 hour per week position with supervised mentorship. Or this person may have completed a

degree, have 1-3 years ministry leadership experience and may be ready to do this position at the full 25 hours per

week, with the possibility of expanding to 30 hours per week over time. We are flexible and open to editing the job

description and duties to fit the right candidate as desired.

Our Community:

First Baptist Church is located in Cambridge, MN and has a weekly attendance of around 300-325 people. Our Jr. and Sr.

High Youth Group sees around 75-85 students gather weekly (meeting as separate groups) and we look forward to

adding a team member who will passionately share Jesus with students, particularly middle school students.


The Student Ministries Associate – Jr High will report to the Pastor of Children and Student Ministries (Ashley Carlson).

Personal Characteristics Desired:

• A committed Christ follower, demonstrating spiritual and personal maturity in their faith and life

• Regularly practicing personal spiritual disciplines such as Scripture study and prayer

• Has a love of students in 6th-12th grade, with a particular passion for middle school students in 6th-8th grade (Jr.

High), and has a strong desire to help them know, love, and become like Jesus

• Ability to provide engaging, dynamic, and high-energy up-front leadership and teaching to students, and has

good verbal communication skills to engage large groups

• Willing to learn and put into practice creative and engaging teaching methods for middle school students

• Has ability to build rapport and trust with parents of students and has good communication skills with adults

• Willingness to listen, receive feedback, adjust, be a team player, and work closely with the Student Ministries

staff, volunteers, and others to provide excellent ministry to students

• Humble, team player who is willing to learn, and desires to grow in ministry abilities through a mentoring

relationship with the Pastor of Children and Student Ministries

• Comfortable recruiting, training, encouraging, and equipping adult volunteers

• Comfortable working with students in crisis and/or families in need

• Self-motivated and able to use time effectively

• Abilities in event planning for large groups of students

• An ability to relate well and work with students in 6th-12th grade and their parents, with particular strengths

geared toward working with middle school students

• An ability to relate well and lead adult volunteers

Helping people know, love and become like Jesus

Qualifications Desired:

• A personal, growing relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior

• A significant understanding of God’s Word and an ability to teach the Bible to large groups of students

• Demonstrates integrity in all areas of life and ministry

• In agreement with the First Baptist statement of faith and willing to adhere to our policies and procedures

• Has gifts in teaching, leading, shepherding with a heart of compassion and a desire to share the gospel and disciple middle school students

• Completed or pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree in a related field preferred

Responsibilities of Student Ministries Associate – Jr. High (10-25 hours / week):

Responsibilities will be determined based on the hours per week at which the candidate is hired and the type of position they are seeking.

• Lead efforts in fulfilling the mission of First Baptist Church in Jr. High: “Helping People know, love, and become like Jesus”

• Lead efforts in fulfilling the vision of First Baptist Church in Jr. High: “As we seek God, He will form us to become increasingly Christ-like and be family to those in need of family”

• Plan and lead Wednesday night Youth Group and Sunday morning Community Group ministries for the Jr. High. Guest leaders and teachers may be recruited to occasionally assist with up front teaching responsibilities

• Plan and lead special events and retreats for Jr. High students monthly or every-other month and be willing to occasionally attend events and retreats for Sr. High students

• Be willing to assist with church-wide events where students may be serving as volunteers

• Work with Student Ministries Associate of Sr. High to plan combined activities and programs between Jr. High and Sr. High students

• Engage in relational ministry contact work with students outside of church programs

• Mentor one or more Jr. High students on a regular basis

• Give leadership to small group Bible studies such as the Jr. High Student Leadership Team

• Provide spiritual care to Jr. High students when needed, understanding the need to refer care to professional counselors when applicable

• Recruit, equip and train adult volunteers to be effective youth leaders within the Jr. High

• Communicate with students, parents, volunteers, and other leaders on a regular basis

• Be willing to seek training opportunities and conferences to continue to grow as a minister to students

• Take part in meetings and work with other staff and leadership teams of First Baptist. Participation is expected in a weekly Student Ministries staff team meeting

• Work with the Pastor of Children and Student Ministries to determine the best work schedule. As a part-time role, it is understood this schedule will need to be flexible around your needs

• Personally invest in the mission and vision of First Baptist Church

• Be an active participant in the life and ministry of First Baptist Church

Salary: A salary commensurate with a position of this nature will be offered to the candidate based in part on years of experience and education.

Application Instructions:

Please email a cover letter and resume to Ashley Carlson, Pastor of Children and Student Ministries, at [email protected]. Questions can be directed to Ashley Carlson.

About First Baptist Church

First Baptist Church exists to help people know, love, and become like Jesus.

Our vision is summarized as follows, As we seek God, he will form us to become increasingly Christlike, and to be family to everyone who needs family.”

Our strategy is to personally and corporately grow in the three core areas of faith, love, and witness. Growth in these core areas will lead to our mission being accomplished and the results of our vision being realized in our community and around the world.

Our motivators are passionate discovery as demonstrated by an obedient desire to know God and His will, authentic relationships as demonstrated by being family to those who need family, and community transformation as demonstrated by courageous commitment to people who are without Jesus.

All of this is founded on and guided by the following values:

God’s Word

We are committed to Bible-based teaching and living. We believe the Bible is the authoritative Word of God, communicates what we believe, shows us how to live, and is used by the Holy Spirit to speak into our lives. As passionate followers of Jesus, we will seek to have the transforming message of the Bible permeate our lives through study and prayer. (2 Timothy 3:16)


We are committed to deepening relationships with God, fellowshipping with other believers, and reaching out to those who do not yet know Christ. We believe that our relationship with God is primary and given evidence by our relationships with one another and that loving relationships are at the center of the Gospel. As passionate followers of Jesus, we will nurture our relationship with God and cultivate relationships inside and outside of the church. (Matthew 22:37-39)


We are committed to joyfully accepting God’s gift of grace and generously extending that gift to others. We believe that people matter to God, that the church is made up of broken people saved by grace, that authenticity cannot exist without grace, and that by extending grace to others we are reflecting the very heart of Jesus. As passionate followers of Jesus, we will live authentically, meet people at their point of need and walk alongside those on the path of recovery and reconciliation. (1 John 3:16)


We are committed to becoming the individuals and the church that God desires us to be. We believe that the Holy Spirit transforms the hearts of those who seek God and intentionally live as disciples of Jesus, that as individuals are transformed into the likeness of Christ the church is also transformed, and that transformation is a lifelong journey. As passionate followers of Jesus, we will utilize every day as an opportunity to become more like Him. (Romans 12:1-2)


We are committed to being generous with the resources we have been given. We believe that generous living is a natural byproduct of a life in transformation and that it removes obstacles for accomplishing the mission to which we have been called. As passionate followers of Jesus, we will use biblical principles to manage the time, talent and treasure God has entrusted to us and we will seek to honor God by caring for those in need.

(2 Corinthians 8:5,7)


We are committed to reaching out to the world with the message of Jesus Christ. We believe this work starts locally with our neighbors, expands regionally, and extends globally. As passionate followers of Jesus, we will reach out to the world by praying continuously, trusting fully, giving sacrificially, serving faithfully, and going confidently.

(2 Corinthians 5:18-19, Matthew 28:19-20)

Experience Required
Entry Level


Education Required
High School Diploma

Date Posted
1 year ago
Cambridge, Minnesota


Church Size
300-500 people

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