Job Description

After the retirement of our pastor of 28 years Chisholm Heights Baptist Church is seeking a man called by God to be the next Senior Pastor. Chisholm Heights is located in Mustang OK, a suburb of Oklahoma City and one of the fastest growing communities in Oklahoma. The church has ministered to this community for almost 60 years and looks forward to the years to come. Chisholm Heights has a mission statement that is a reflection of the heart of its people.

Chisholm Heights is a church home that exists to build great faith in Jesus Christ in every person in Mustang, Oklahoma, United States and in the world.

The ideal candidate aligns himself with the pastoral qualifications found in 1 Timothy 3:1-7, and Titus 1:5-9.



The Pastor will provide visionary leadership for Chisholm Heights Baptist Church; Mustang, Oklahoma through the ministries of proclamation, shepherding, and administration.


The Senior Pastor, working through the Ministerial Personnel Committee, will serve as chief administrator of the church staff and will call upon them to assist in any area he deems necessary. Different job assignments are necessary at various times to meet all the needs of the church. The entire staff must be willing to be flexible to share in the TOTAL ministry of the church regardless of the printed job descriptions.



1.      Maintain an atmosphere of absolute confidentiality and trustworthiness.

2.      Exhibit and cultivate a Christian character, attitude, and conduct as described in the Church Worker Covenant.

3.      Strive for excellence and quality in all work and activity.

Proclamation Ministries

1.      Plan, prepare, facilitate, coordinate and evaluate the worship services of the church.

2.      Provide effective preaching and Bible study for the church.

3.      Administer the ordinances of the church.

4.      Lead the church to faithfully share the Gospel of Christ with the lost community.

5.      Motivate the church to develop an attitude of global missions.

6.      Guide, lead, teach and strengthen the church in matters of doctrinal and moral integrity.

Shepherding Ministry:

1.      Provide pastoral care for individuals in times of change, crisis, illness, and grief.

2.      Provide pastoral care for individuals as they grow in their discipleship to the Lord.

3.      Develop, train, and encourage the ministerial staff and deacon body to be an extension of the pastoral ministry.

4.      Lead the church to minister and care for those inside and outside the church body in the name of Christ.

5.      Prepare, plan, and perform marriage ceremonies and funeral services.

6.      Motivate, train, and equip members in the discovery, expression, and application of their own spiritual giftedness.

Administrative Ministry:

1.      Provide leadership and supervision for the ministerial staff in the formation, implementation, and evaluation of their ministry’s direction.

2.      Lead, encourage, and equip church leadership in their specific areas of ministry.

3.      Lead the church in stewardship of the Lord’s resources.

4.      Serve or assign an appropriate staff member to serve as ex-officio member of all administrative committees.

5.      Serve as moderator for church family conference meetings.

6.      Work with associational, state, and convention-wide agencies in matters of mutual concern.

7.      Other duties and responsibilities as required.

About Chisholm Heights Baptist Church

Chisholm Heights Baptist Church is located in Mustang, Ok a suburb of Oklahoma City. Mustang has one of the largest school system in Oklahoma and is also one of the fastest growing communities in the state.

Experience Required
5-10 years


Education Required
Master's Degree

Date Posted
3 months ago
Mustang, Oklahoma

Baptist: SBC

Church Size
500-750 people