Youth Director/Pastor - Part Time

Kairos Church

Job Description

Job Description:

Kairos Church, Winter Haven, Fl

Job Summary: This part time position (20 hours/week) is responsible for leading a growing youth ministry, providing Christ-centered, enthusiastic leadership to recruit, support, and maintain participation of youth. The Youth Pastor will collaborate with Lead Pastor and all other ministry teams, and provide leadership to recruit, train and support volunteers. Reports to Lead Pastor and Executive Director.


  1. A grounded Jesus-follower with a deep personal relationship with Jesus
  2. A passion and vision for youth and their families to grow in faith together
  3. Strong interpersonal skills with youth and adults; exceptional listener and communicator
  4. A self-starter who can manage the creation, planning, and implementation of youth ministries
  5. A team player who is supportive of all ministries of the church

Responsibilities: The Youth Pastor will lead youth discipleship efforts through the creation and support of Jesus-centered, growth-oriented ministries. Programs, ministry volunteers, and total people involved should grow as the church grows.

  1. Develop a relationship with teens to encourage a deeper relationship with Christ. This includes group interactions, connection on social media, one-on-one and informal get-togethers, and attending youth’s activities outside of church.
  2. Encourage and equip the youth to be leaders at Kairos, through serving on the weekends, as well as in the community, guiding them and praying for how God has gifted each one.
  3. Meet with Youth Ministry Team at least quarterly to plan upcoming events.
  4. Plan, schedule, execute and promote weekly gatherings.
  5. Plan, schedule, execute and promote yearly Summer Camp and/or Winter Retreat.
  6. Plan, schedule, execute and promote Seasonal Events. *Games, activities, giveaways etc.
  7. Communicate effectively with members of the youth group and their parents through a variety of methods such as phone, email, church management software, website, social media, etc
  8. Maintain a relationship with Kairos families.
  9. Attend staff meetings and one-on-ones with Pastor to coordinate youth ministry with the entire church calendar.
  10. Work within designated church budget and monitor expenses. Help to plan and implement youth fundraisers when necessary.
  11. Assist Lead Pastor with pastoral and administrative work.
  12. All other tasks deemed appropriate by the Lead Pastor.

Behavior: Personal life must reflect a high ethical, Christian standard, including but not limited to social media sites, informal gatherings outside of church, and in interpersonal relationships. No alcohol or tobacco use during church functions, on church grounds, or endorsed on social media, at informal meetings, etc.

Minimum Requirements: College graduate or equivalent. Youth Ministry Leadership Experience (Small Group Leader, Internships, etc.). Excellent Communication Skills, including: experience, passion and confidence with public speaking and one-on-one meetings with youth and adults. Excellent Social Media Skills.

Other: There is the option to also work part time at the coffee house that is located at our church during the week.

About Kairos Church

Kairos Church exists to help everyone embrace Jesus Christ in every moment of their life.

We are a new church plant that launched in October 2017. We have quickly grown from 70 people on average to 350. We offer two identical worship experiences on Sundays at 9:00 am and 11:00 am. We are General Baptist affiliated but have a more non-denominational vibe.

When you visit us on Sunday, we want you to feel comfortable just being you. We value your time and want to make the most of it by providing you and your family with a church experience that is welcoming, genuine and powerful. During our time together, we aim to help you experience worship that speaks to you, a message from God's Word that encourages and challenges your life, and community that inspires you. We want you to know that the problems you are facing, the baggage you are carrying - none of it is a surprise to us. You don’t have to hide, you don’t need to feel ashamed, you are in good company. YOU ARE WELCOME HERE.

Our lead pastor has been in ministry for over 16 years. Four years spent as a creative director, and six years spent as a youth pastor of 200 students. 6 years as lead pastor of Kairos.

You can find out more about us on our website or FaceBook page.

Experience Required
1-5 years


Education Required
Some College

Date Posted
3 months ago
Winter Haven, Florida


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