Job Description




Primary Purpose: Calvary Church of Wayland exists to make God’s name great and to bring people into life-transforming relationships with God and one another through Jesus Christ.


The Senior Pastor, along with the other elders, serve in the most important and primary positions in fulfilling this purpose. The Senior Pastor, along with the other elders, must be committed to modeling a growing Christian life. He must be committed to effective preaching of God’s Word, shepherding the flock according to Scripture, evangelism, and discipleship, especially the training of leaders. He must be willing to lead and be led by the other elders as they seek together to fulfill Calvary’s purpose.  


Responsibilities: Specifically, the Senior Pastor is responsible for the effective presentation of God’s Word and the effective shepherding of God’s people (Preach the Word and love the people). Together with the other elders he is responsible for developing and maintaining effective programs and approaches that reach people for Christ and disciple them to Christian maturity. He is not expected to be all things to all people but to be God’s servant in the areas where God has gifted him and where God leads him.   


The Senior Pastor is to be the spiritual leader, a man gifted with communicating the Gospel to those about him and providing the pastoral leadership that equips the church to do the same. He should divide his time between serious study to maintain a working knowledge of the Word of God and daily involvement outside the study to know and meet the people's needs. He must conduct himself with absolute purity toward women, avoiding even the appearance of evil. If married, he must balance his ministry responsibilities with his family responsibilities so that he does not neglect his family nor the ministry.


The Senior Pastor’s Wife is an integral part of the ministry at Calvary Church. The contribution she makes to the cause of Christ is incalculable. She is to work alongside her husband as a team. Her first duty is to support her husband as a partner as described in Scripture. Together with her husband, she is to nurture and raise Godly Children if she has them. She is to be an example of a Godly woman, as defined by Scripture, and to be actively involved in the church, as her time permits. 


Responsibility of Calvary Church of Wayland: The members of Calvary Church of Wayland agree to pray for and support their pastor as he fulfills his God-given role as pastor. The elders especially will be a team for mutual support and direction in leading the church and helping her to accomplish her purpose. Calvary Church will ensure that the senior pastor is adequately and generously supported financially. The pastor will be encouraged to have two days off per week and four weeks off per year. In addition, he will be allowed to attend two conferences per year at church expense. We encourage further studies and will do what we can to support those studies. In short, Calvary Church will do whatever she can to help the senior pastor fulfill his God-given calling.

About Calvary Church of Wayland

Calvary Church of Wayland, a vibrant church located near downtown Wayland, MI and affiliated with the I.F.C.A., is looking for their next senior pastor. We seek a man with a godly character and who will “Preach the Word and love the people.” We have a team of elders ready to work with and support our next pastor as together we seek to reach the people of Wayland for Christ and disciple believers. Our mission is to “bring people into life-transforming relationships with God and one another through Jesus Christ.”

Experience Required
5-10 years


Education Required
Master's Degree

Date Posted
5 months ago
Wayland, Michigan


Church Size
0-100 people

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