Director of Discipleship & Assimilation

North Pointe Church

Job Description


This role exists to help people find transformational communities & connection within the body! We believe spiritual growth and transformation happens best in small relational contexts: Small Groups, Discipleship Groups, Close Friendships, Bible Studies. North Pointe Church has identified 9 Spiritual Growth (9SG) Essentials that we feel are evident/consistent in all fruit-bearing disciples of Jesus Christ.  We are looking for a Director of Discipleship & Assimilation to help teach our church the essentials and how to self-diagnosis and keep them from getting stuck or stalled in their spiritual growth!  The Director of Discipleship & Assimilation (DDA) main focus on Sunday’s are connecting people to groups, classes, discipleship groups & serving – virtually anywhere they can find healthy, transformational community inside NPC. The DDA also ensures all discipleship ministries are equipped and trained using the 9SG lens to help them get unstuck spiritually. The DDA is also the primary contact for Member Care & Prayer Ministry here at NPC! Sunday focus is all about Groups, Connections, Member Care & Prayer. The DDA is a proven Leader of Leaders – Equipping, Empowering, Replicating team members in all areas of this ministry.


The role of the Director of Discipleship & Assimilation is to oversee the connection and spiritual growth strategy of the North Pointe Church under the direction and leadership of the Senior Pastor. This will require a firm grasp of the beliefs, values and strategy of the North Pointe Church and the ability to align staff and key leadership teams with its mission, vision and values. The DDA will lead church family to a genuine sense of belonging, involvement and spiritual growth at the North Pointe Church by meeting people where they are and leading them to next steps. The DDA will facilitate relational connection and spiritual growth of adults through weekend guest services, groups, volunteer teams, and assimilation of new members.  

(The DDA oversees the FirstSteps & NextSteps Director future role coming to NPC in 2024)


The Director of Discipleship & Assimilation is responsible for:


Modeling Biblical Character & Upholding NPC Core Values

The DDA is a person of spiritual character and who upholds the beliefs and core values of the North Pointe Church. The DDA should represent a growing personal relationship with Christ with a strong desire to be led by the Holy Spirit to accomplish the ministry work that God has entrusted him/her to steward.  The DDA models a strong relationship with his or her spouse (if married) and children (if applicable). The DDA strives to fulfill his or her purpose in life and ministry while demonstrating integrity in words, relationships and actions. 


Oversight of Small Groups Ministry 

Constructs practical onramps and systems to help people move from visiting to belonging/growing: 

Developing a systematic and effective effort to generate interest in small groups (sign-up areas, brochures, stories, all-church promotions, webpage, etc). 

Oversee the Development

  • Small Groups 
  • Men’s & Women’s Ministry
  • Young Adult Ministry
  • Classes - Advanced Biblical Training, Baptism Preparation Class. 
  • Bible studies (determine which ones we offer and when.
  •  9SG Essentials Training (North Pointe's Spiritual Growth Essentials)
  • Electives (ie. Marriage, Parenting, Financial)
  • Colibri Groups (help/healing)
  • Support Groups, AA, Al-Anon, other
  • Disciple/Care - Small Group & Ministry Leaders 

Oversee Member Care & Prayer Ministries

The DDA oversees the Member Care Coordination: 

Creating an environment and system that is conducive for Member Care Ministry

  • Member Care Coordination
  • Oversee On-Call Ministry Calendar
  • Long Term Illness - Triage, Route, Escalation
  • Pastoral Triage – Counseling, Crisis Counseling, Benevolence, Pre-Marital, Marital, etc.
  • Concierge – Funeral Care/Planning

The DDA oversees the Prayer Team Ministry: 

Overseeing the Volunteer Prayer Team Coordinators to ensure timely communication of NPC prayer requests.

  • Recruit, Train, Schedule – Prayer Team members for each weekend environment in addition to special worship services as needed. (Worship Night, Bible Reading, Christmas, Easter, etc)
  • Identify & implement creative ways for Prayer to be elevated at North Pointe Church – ensuring Prayer always remains a high priority in every ministry area of our church. (Kids, Students, Men, Women, Sunday Worship)

Oversight of First Impressions (First Steps & Next Steps)

Responsible for creating an environment that welcomes new guests and provides next steps toward connection and spiritual growth:  

  • Leading, equipping and empowering guest services volunteers (ushers/greeters/traffic ministry/ etc.) in providing high impact first impressions. 
  • Removing roadblocks from a newcomer’s experience in all the North Pointe Church services. 
  • Providing a volunteer team with current guest services best practices from innovative customer service focused organizations. 
  • Ensuring that kiosks, booths, signage are clear, current, and focused on new people. 
  • Planning and overseeing guest reception events. 
  • Ensuring that the guest services team answers questions and provides remarkable guest care. 
  • Creating and continuously improving follow-up methods to ensure that newcomers are plugged in to the North Pointe Church 


Oversight of Connection Volunteer Teams 

The DDA leads people in discovering their God-given shape and helps them plug into a ministry by: 

  • Creating an environment and system that is conducive for plugging new people into ministry. 
  • Recruiting, training and empowering volunteer team members. 
  • Championing the leadership development strategy for volunteers. 
  • Providing centralized efforts for training leaders (retreats, tools, etc.) 
  • Communicating clear vision and wins for volunteer teams on a regular basis. 
  • Producing videos, printed promotions, verbal announcements, web page information, etc. about serving at the North Pointe Church 
  • Building systems and structures that lead people from being spectators to volunteers. 


About North Pointe Church

The North Pointe Church is located in Lutz, FL on 45 peaceful acres, just 1 mile from the fastest growing communities in Hillsborough/Pasco Counties.

Our mission is:

  • Lead the unchurched to Jesus.
  • Help those who have wandered from their faith return to God and His Church.
  • Teach the spiritually stalled how to grow again.
  • Equip the next generation to become fruit bearing disciples of Jesus Christ.
  • Challenge the spiritually mature to join the mission.

2022 was a hard year for our church with the death of our Senior Pastor’s wife Janna.   While this was a painful season, God has done a great restorative work in our Pastor and has used this time of brokenness to realign his heart and refine the mission & vision of our church. Looking back, we can see how God has been realigning NPC back to His plan & vision for the last couple of years.  (Watch message 09.10.2023 for more context) We are now in the process of staffing & structuring for the vision & growth that God has laid out for us.  In late October, we are launching 3rd Service due to our recent rapid growth! God is clearly at work – Changing Lives!  We are praying for God to send us co-laborers to partner with us in this ministry vision! Perhaps God is calling YOU to this vision!

Experience Required
5-10 years


Education Required
Bachelor's Degree

Date Posted
4 months ago
Lutz, Florida


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