Financial Manager

Trinity Evangelical Church

Job Description

Position Summary, and about you:

You have experience with bookkeeping for organizations and financial management software. You know how to get things done efficiently. If there’s a problem, you like to investigate the source and solve it. You are known as “the responsible one” amongst your friends. You pay attention to details and are known for being well organized. You communicate well with a team. You value setting others up to succeed. You do not get easily overwhelmed and you enjoy following through.

If this is you, we welcome you to apply for the Financial Manager role at Trinity Evangelical Church. The Financial Manager will work with the staff team at Trinity to make sure our finances are in line with our budget and goals. This position currently includes tasks that an administrator and bookkeeper may do on a weekly basis. We project this role will require 8 to 10 hours a week.

Overview of role:

The Financial Manager is responsible to manage and communicate about the financial aspects of Trinity.


  • Utilizing a financial software system to pay bills, reconcile bank accounts and keep track of all donations
  • Keep meticulous records of donations and event payments to report to the lead pastor, treasurer and various ministry leaders 
  • Send reports to ministry leaders showing expenses, income and holding others accountable to our budget
  • Develop annual budget alongside staff and elders 


  • Bachelor’s degree 
  • Excellent communicator (both written and verbal) and strategic thinker 
  • Experience with bookkeeping for an organization
  • Strong ability to relate to people from multiple generations
  • Models the standards of Christian leaders in the Bible, including personal and professional integrity

Additional Notes

  • This role requires a high degree of confidentiality. The Financial Manager sees the giving data from our church, and he or she must be trustworthy with that information
  • We currently use Aplos Accounting Software
  • We would require the Financial Manager to come into the office at least one day a week, but the rest of the role can be done remotely.

About Trinity Evangelical Church

Trinity is a non-denominational church community dedicated to seeing people north of Boston become rooted in Jesus, growing together, and serving our community. This is what it looks like in our minds to follow Jesus' way and commission to make disciples who live with Him, become like Him, and do what He did.

Experience Required
1-5 years


Education Required
Bachelor's Degree

Date Posted
6 months ago
North Reading, Massachusetts


Church Size
300-500 people

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