Pastor of Discipleship for Youth & Young Adults

Battle Ground Baptist Church

Job Description

Pastor of Discipleship for Youth & Young Adults

Battle Ground Baptist Church

Position Overview:

This full-time position provides pastoral leadership of church volunteers and programs intended to help youth and young adults become mature disciples of Jesus Christ. This position is open to qualified men who desire to serve with a team of elders and other ministry leaders in pursuing the mission of Battle Ground Baptist Church.

The Pastor of Discipleship for Youth & Young Adults will be responsible for doing the following:

1.     Regularly and prayerfully consider the question, "What are the best ways we can involve our youth and young adults in an intentional learning process to live as faithful followers of Jesus and engage fully in the mission he has given us?" The candidate should have a desire to develop future Kingdom leaders and encourage the young men and women to pursue a life of ministry.  The candidate must strive to be a student and a leader of biblical disciplemaking.

2.     Model and promote a vision of multiplying disciples (2 Tim. 2:1-2) among the leaders and members of the church.

3.     Supervise and oversee our youth and young adult programs (including middle school and senior high youth group, youth events, retreats, camps, mission trips, and young adult group) and, in partnership with the Senior Pastor and elders, pursue changes where needed to accomplish effective disciplemaking and evangelism among youth and young adults.

4.     Develop methods for recruiting, training, supporting and constructively evaluating leaders within the youth and young adults for our various disciplemaking and evangelism ministries. Help others to embrace responsibility and exercise influence when necessary.

5.     Encourage the youth and young adults to serve in various ministries within the church (worship team, sound team, serving in the nursery or Sunday school classes for children, and AWANA).

6.     Provide biblically-sound curriculum resources for those who teach the various youth and young adult groups. Ensure that all teaching content is consistent with the Statement of Faith of Battle Ground Baptist Church.

7.     Serve as an active member of the preaching team.

8.     Attend weekly meetings with senior ministry staff for prayer and ministry coordination.

9.     Take the necessary steps to become an elder of Battle Ground Baptist Church and fulfill the responsibilities of that position. Provide pastoral care emphasizing students and their families in partnership with the other elders.

All responsibilities are to be carried out in a manner that demonstrates a heartfelt desire to honor the Lord Jesus Christ and is consistent with the church's Constitution and Bylaws.


The following list of qualifications should not be viewed as requiring flawless perfection, but as highlighting qualities, the candidate is pursuing in faithful dependence on Christ and is demonstrating with increasing consistency, affirmed by those in close relationship with the candidate.

Personal Qualities

1.     An authentic, growing relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ evidenced by regular habits of spiritual discipline (prayer, Bible reading, corporate worship, etc.) and obedience to a Christ-centered understanding of Scripture.

2.   A deep love for the Bible and a firm commitment to its sufficiency and authority for living a life that glorifies God and benefits people.

3.   A pattern of healthy relationships with family, co-workers, neighbors, etc., including a healthy practice and pattern of conflict resolution and restoring relationships.

4.   A consistent display of the biblical qualities of an elder/overseer (1 Tim. 3:1-7; Titus 1:5- 9; 1 Pet. 5:1-3).

5.   A strong desire to make disciples of youth and young adults and equip others to do so.

6.   A commitment to team ministry, especially an elder-led model of church governance.

7.   A high view of the value of church membership and serving in a local church.

8.   A desire to emulate Christ's example of humble servant leadership (Matt. 20:25-28).

Education & Experience 

1.     A minimum of a B.A. or equivalent degree in Bible or theology from a reputable university, college, or institute OR at least two years of vocational ministry experience. 

2.     A willingness to pursue additional formal biblical or theological education if recommended and supported by the elders.

3.     At least one year of experience working with youth ministry.

4.     At least one year of experience working with an intentional process of disciplemaking.

5.     Experience teaching and preaching in a local church context.


1.     Prepare and teach a 30-minute Bible-based lesson on a given text or topic to teens or adults.

2.     Prepare and preach a 40-minute Bible-based sermon in a worship service. 

3.      In partnership with the Senior Pastor, develop leaders committed to and capable of working with youth and adults to help them grow as disciples of Jesus Christ.

4.     Take the initiative to accomplish his responsibilities with minimal supervision.

5.     Self-manage his schedule to maintain a healthy balance between work and rest.

Other Requirements 

1.     A genuine appreciation for the goodness of God's design for human sexuality as taught in Scripture and a firm commitment to uphold and affirm that design with gentleness and conviction regardless of cultural pressures. 

a.     The candidate must be willing and able to encourage youth and adults struggling with issues of same-sex attraction, sexual/gender confusion, or sexual behavior outside of biblically-defined marriage to embrace their God-given identity and, whether single or married, to live according to God's design with the compassionate help of God's people. 

Note: This is not an expectation of professional-level expertise but of a sincere willingness to engage pastorally with youth and adults on this topic from a solidly biblical perspective of grace and truth. 

2.     Agreement with the complementarian understanding of male-female roles within the home and the church. That God’s design for marriage is a covenant between one man and one woman for life, and that marriage is a picture of the covenant between Jesus and His church.  God’s design for the continuance of humanity is through the procreation and discipleship of children through the marriage union.

3.     Agreement with the Battle Ground Baptist Church statement of faith.

4.     Fully commit to supporting the ministry of Battle Ground Baptist Church in appropriate work hours, volunteer hours, and faithful giving.

Salary is between $60K-75K.

About Battle Ground Baptist Church

We are located in Clark County Washington, about 35 minutes north of Portland, Oregon. We are conservative theologically and we preach verse-by-verse through books of the Bible. We are a casual church in attire. We are a healthy church that has gotten younger over the past seven years. We are a multi-generational church with a great youth group and the start of a college group. Our youth group runs about 40 kids and our college group has about 20 young adults. Our youth have gone on mission trips to Guatemala, Costa Rica, and the Netherlands.

Experience Required
1-5 years


Education Required
Bachelor's Degree

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1 month ago
Battle Ground, Washington


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