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Ministry Position Description

Position:  Pastor of Student Ministries                                                     Posted: January 13, 2021

Position Purpose:  The Pastor of Student Ministries of EBF is responsible for implementing the EBF Ministry Paradigm within Student Ministries by reaching out to the middle school and high school students of Thurston County to help them experience the Gospel of Jesus and ultimately see Jesus transform them into disciples that will follow Christ for a lifetime.

Church Mission: To be a Christ-centered community making disciples and loving people.

Overall Relationships:  The Pastor of Student Ministries reports to the Lead Pastor and ultimately the Elder's. As a pastor of EBF, they will also serve as one of the church Elder's and must exemplify the qualifications of an elder as described in 1 Tim. 3 and Titus 1. As a pastor/elder, they are responsible, along with all the pastors and elders, to shepherd the church and help equip the church to reach Thurston County and ultimately the world with the Gospel.

Duties and Responsibilities:

·        Help every student become an integrated part of the EBF family.

·        Develop, empower and release student and adult staff into meaningful youth ministry. Plan and implement regular Student Ministries staff meetings to encourage, pray with, mentor and train staff.

·        Provide training opportunities for parents in dealing with the challenges of raising teenagers.

·        Communicate with parents through calendars, parent meetings, e-mail, social media and Remind app.

·        Plan and implement a balanced and winsome Student Ministry including:

o  The teaching, study and application of God's Word into students’ lives.

o  Large and small group ministry opportunities that build Biblical community

o  Helping students develop their own personal time in God's Word.

o  Discipleship and learning to disciple someone else.

o  Gospel driven training opportunities in outreach and missions.

o  Meaningful Christocentric Worship opportunities that include music and creative arts as a means of expressing faith, worship and spiritual gifts.

o  Special events, camps/retreats.

·        Create a welcoming and safe environment at all events for current and new students, that includes a plan to welcome and follow-up with new and/or visiting students.

·        Provide biblical counsel for students when needed and partner with the pastoral staff to help counsel parents and the family as a whole.

·        Attend weekly pastoral staff meetings and monthly elder meetings and retreats.

·        Develop and oversee the youth budget in conjunction with the overall church budget.

·        Perform other duties as assigned as part of the Pastor/Elder team of EBF by the Lead Pastor.


EBF is looking for an energetic, relational, self-starter who is spiritually and emotionally mature, with a proven record of leading youth/student ministry and a bachelor’s degree in Bible/Theology or a related field.

The 3 main qualities we are seeking in our Pastor of Student Ministries are:



Someone whose life consistently demonstrates Biblical Christian character, grace, love for Jesus, passion for the Gospel, a teachable spirit, humility and a spirit of faithfulness to fulfill their God-given call to serve the Body. 




Someone who has a clear call to vocational pastoral ministry and the spiritual gifting to clearly communicate and teach the Bible and Theology particularly to students, as well as helping them develop this desire for themselves. 



Someone who will demonstrate a genuine, humble, cooperative team spirit with all leaders of EBF and demonstrate grace to all. This person will be self-aware and able to connect with all ages of the EBF demographic.


Three to five years of full-time ministry experience leading youth ministry.

A post graduate master’s degree.

A passion, gifting and willingness to be part of helping lead our congregation in worship on a regular basis.

Before COVID restrictions our attendance averaged 400, with restrictions our current “in person” church-attendance is around 200, with an ongoing on-line presence. Youth Group mid-week attendance (MS) 25-30; (HS) 35-40.

Salary:  Negotiable with respect to experience.

Benefits: Medical and dental; retirement; up to 4 weeks annual vacation; school/ministry leave negotiable.

Experience Required
1 – 5 years


Education Required
Bachelor’s degree

Date Posted
2 years ago
Olympia, Washington


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