Technology Systems Specialist

First Redeemer Church

Job Description

Position: Technology Systems Specialist

Overview: The Technology Systems Specialist is responsible for creating, maintaining, and developing technology systems across the campus to boost efficiency in the work environment as well as meet ministry and administrative needs.  They will manage our church databases (Rock RMS & Shelby V5) as well as oversee the general technology needs for the church.

Reports to: Creative Director

Personal Requirements: Born again believer, strong Christian character, positive attitude with strong people skills. Demonstrates a high level of integrity. Must be well organized with high quality standards and expectations. Must be self-motivated, able to prioritize with strong time-management skills and ability to work and lead in a multi-task environment.

Professional Skills:

1.     2+ years experience working in Rock RMS preferred. 

2.     Experience with the Microsoft Azure Portal.

3.     Experience and understanding of the Microsoft SQL Server.

4.     Experience with DNS Management through Network Solutions.

5.     Ability to work with MacOS & Windows operating systems.

6.     Able to learn new technology systems quickly and efficiently.

7.     Ability and commitment to encourage and maintain a Christ-like working environment.

Key Responsibilities:

·       Database Management

o   Develop and maintain Rock RMS database

o   Implement projects & initiatives using Rock RMS

o   Effectively train staff to use Rock RMS.

·       Technology Development

o   Work with various ministries and administration to streamline use of technology systems across campus

o   Implement strategies to use technology to support the mission of First Redeemer Church

·       On-Campus Technology Support

o   Provide basic on-campus technology support for staff members, in coordination with our IT Solutions provider.

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Experience Required
1 – 5 years


Education Required
Bachelor’s degree

Date Posted
1 year ago
Cumming, Georgia

Baptist: SBC

Church Size
3,000-5,000 people

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