Director of Worship

First Friends

Job Description

First Friends Church, in Canton, Ohio, is looking for a dynamic full-time worship director. We seek to build mature followers of Jesus through our vision to transform the heart, the home, and the world through the Gospel.

First Friends seeks a worship director who facilitates the Spirit-led modern model of worship while also remembering to honor historical worship occasionally. First Friends seeks a dynamic, energetic, and enthusiastic worship leader who knows they are called by God to lead people into the Presence of God. In addition to weekly worship services and quarterly nights of worship, the Worship Director must possess skills to lead, grow, and disciple worship teams and team members.

The candidate should also demonstrate pastoral type gifting, skills and a well-developed understanding of biblical worship. The Worship Director should also possess creative ability, excitement for, and understanding of how to facilitate dynamic worship experiences-ultimately under direction from Holy Spirit.

Applicants preferably have three or more years of experience leading worship and worship teams.

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About First Friends

First Friends Church is an evangelical congregation located in Canton, OH.

We believe faith in Jesus Christ creates a spiritual transformation in our lives. Everything we do is designed to help you to experience that transformation by “Building mature followers of Jesus in the Church and home.” We see the answer to our prayers in the evidence of changed lives! Our Vision for every person in our church family is for Jesus to Transform the Heart, Transform the Home, and Transform the World. We pray you will experience this transformation of faith too!

Our Vision: Transform the Heart…Transform the Home…Transform the World

Our Values: Christ-like qualities and priorities we strive for in the church and home as we seek to fulfill our mission.

Our Mission: Building mature followers of Jesus through the Church and home.

Position Filled
Experience Required
1 – 5 years


Education Required
Bachelor’s degree

Date Posted
1 year ago
Canton, Ohio

Evangelical Friends

Church Size
750-1,000 people

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