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Bridge Church

Job Description

Position Summary:

To provide leadership for the creative and student ministries at Bridge Church. The ideal individual for this opportunity loves students, and loves to lead people of all ages into a passionate worship experience. 

Your Win: To reach, grow, and provide leadership to the students and creatives at Bridge. Weekly orchestrating a Jesus loving creative culture that develops the creative gifts in all ages and creates transformational worship experiences. 

Contact: Pastors Bob & Stephanie Hulett, [email protected]

Summary Of Ministry Expectations and Approximate Hours Per Week:

  • Worship Leadership - Oversee and coordinate everything needed to make the Sunday worship experience at Bridge engaging and spiritually transformational. Duties will include: Scheduling, Team Member Oversight, Team Building, Personal Preparation, Pro-Presenter Preparation, etc… Approximate Hours Per Week: 8-10

  • Creative - Sermon graphics. These can be created by you or gathered through various church resource sites. Approximate Hours Per Week: 1

  • Team Building and Musical Culture Development - Monthly worship team rehearsal and weekly team member connections. Approximate Hours Per Week: 2

  • Meetings, Finances & Miscellaneous - Attend staff meetings and other necessary meetings. Financial oversight of the Creative Budget. Approximate Hours Per Week: 3

  • Livestream Oversight- Preparation for the livestream and scheduling team members. Approximate Hours Per Week: 1

  • Student Leadership- Develop and lead the student ministry at Bridge. Hours Per Week-12

  • Associate Duties- Leadership development, message prep, various ministry related tasks-10

  • Other duties as assigned by the Lead Pastor. Approximate Hours Per Week: 2-3

About Us:

Our History:

Bridge is an 2017 ARC church plant in Cape Coral FL.  We moved into a permanent facility in November of 2018 located in the center of our city. We are a diverse multi-generational congregation. We are young, retired, young marrieds, single, divorced, remarried, parents, grandparents, empty nesters and single parents. Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic we were averaging 110 people weekly. On September 27th we began weekly in person services again. Our attendance has grown back to our pre-covid average and we are making plans to go to two services in November. 

Our Congregation:

Some of us are new to faith in Christ, others have followed Jesus all our lives, and some of us are just exploring what it means to follow Jesus.  None of us have all the answers or have it all together.  We are simply trying to do our best to learn more about Jesus, be more like him daily, and help others find the life only Jesus can give. 

We are primarily young marrieds, young families, and empty nesters. Our congregation very much mirrors the demographics of our city.

Each Sunday our desire is create a safe place for people of all ages and backgrounds to experience the transformational presence of Jesus through worship and the his words.

Our Leadership Culture

Empowerment with boundaries.   You will have clear direction, with creative freedom, healthy boundaries, and flexibility.  

Honor and loyalty. We honor each other and protect each other.  We honor those over us, along side us, and below us. 

Grace filled accountability. None of us are perfect and we all fail. We understand that sometimes the best intentions, most diligent planning, and prayerfully considered steps don’t go as planned. You have the freedom to fail and learn. It’s part of life and leadership. 

Collaborative learning. We learn from each other. We listen for what we haven’t yet heard and look to see a different viewpoint. We believe you don’t know what you don’t know until someone who does know tells you what you don’t know. Teachability is the key to everything. 

Responsive creativity. We spur each other on. We take a good idea and make it great. We take a sketch from one person and create a masterpiece together. Together we find the meat of an idea and set the bones aside. 

Our Worship Culture:

Our Philosophy: Our desire is to create an atmosphere of “prayerfully organized spontaneity.” We are continually managing the tension between what we have prayerfully prepared and yet spiritually sense as we lead. We believe in lingering in the moments when the Holy Spirit is doing something we did not plan or program for. We also don’t want to get lost in a moment and miss what the Holy Spirit has next. It is our desire to create experiences where people see authentic worship occurring on stage and respond with authentic acts of worship themselves. We are open to adapt styles and songs to reach a specific demographic and age group. It is always about creating a set that provides a path to God’s presence. 

Our Influences: Elevation, Hillsong, Gateway, James River, etc… If it sounds good and helps people enter into worship we will explore it. Every song is filtered through this question, “Will this song help people express their love and devotion to Jesus easily and passionately?”

The Ideal Person 

Spiritually: The ideal candidate is someone who possesses and is developing the following spiritual attributes.

Passion for Jesus. They don’t simply like Jesus, THEY LOVE HIM. Their passion and love for Jesus is evident. 

Purpose filled living. They live from the purpose of knowing Jesus and making him know to others.  

Persistent spiritual growth. They learn and live the words of Jesus. They pray through problems and obstacles. They worship with all they are and they have in every season of life. They change and desire to live and love like Jesus. 

Patience with the Church. When we love Jesus we love his bride. With all its imperfections, inconsistencies, and missteps. We love the church of Jesus and speak honorably about her. She is not perfect but she is the hope of the world. 

Prayer first living. They believe the first response is a prayerful one. The ideal person believes everything accomplished for eternity begins in prayer. And, there is nothing prayer cannot change.

Musically: The ideal candidate is someone who possesses and is developing the following skills.

1. The ability to play by ear and has a functional understanding of music theory and classic technique. 

2. The ability to sense the direction of the Holy Spirit in a service and change plans 


3. The planning and spontaneity necessary to prepare properly yet lead spontaneously.

4. The ability to lead vocally and instrumentally.

5. The ability to attract, assimilate, and train quality musicians.

6. The ability to play and lead various styles of music.

7. The ability to train and prepare students musically.  

Verbally: The ideal candidate communicates with clarity, relevance, and anointing. They have the ability connect with their audience and move them to action. 

Academically: A degree in music or a related field is helpful yet not necessary. We are looking for someone who has natural God given music ability and leadership more than a degree.

Creatively: The ideal candidate is someone who possesses and is developing the following creative leanings.

1. Intuition… they can see what others don’t.

2. Innovation…they find a way to accomplish what others only think about with what we have.

3. Curiosity…they want to learn new things and explore new territory.

4. Vision… they dream big, take action, and dream again. 

5. Infectious… they inspire others to innovate, explore, and create.

Professionally: The ideal candidate is someone who has and is developing the following professional attitudes. 

The ideal person loves students and creatives. They are passionate and driven to reach them, disciple them, and engage them with the message and hope only Jesus can give.  

The ideal person is someone who is self motivated.  They are excited about the church they are in, the opportunity they have been given, and look forward to accomplishing what needs to get done. 

The ideal person is teachable and welcomes direction.  They are emotionally and spiritually mature and can engage tough conversations. They receive instruction, learn, and change. 

The ideal person loves to build teams. They believe winning together is way more fulfilling than succeeding alone. 

The ideal person embraces the dynamics of teamwork. They understand great teams trust, disagree, go all in, hold each other accountable, and celebrate team wins first and foremost. 

The ideal person follows and supports even when they cannot see what the leader sees. They believe that the leader often senses what is around the corner before it can be seen.

The ideal person is positive and finds solutions. They see a problems as challenges to learn and grow through. 

The ideal person is honest about their failures, struggles, and short comings. They seek out help and support. 

The ideal person is a learner.  They learn from the success and failures of others. They listen to podcast, read books and blogs, and are always growing.

The ideal person is a pioneer. They know the road least travelled is not as smooth as those already paved, but they long to do something new and fresh. They would rather enjoy what they build than endure what they inherit. 

The ideal person sees an opportunity. They realize moving this position to full-time is dependent upon them. They are up for challenge and can’t wait to start. 

About Cape Coral, FL



Cape Coral sits on Florida's stunning Gulf Coast, and borders the Caloosahatchee River on the east. But that's not all—oh no. There are more than 400 miles of canals here, making it the city with the most miles of navigable waterways in the world. . Cape Coral is a boaters and fisherman’s paradise. With 9 zip codes and 120 square miles, Cape Coral is one of the largest land sized cities in Florida. It is located 2 hours south of Tampa, 2.5 hours from Miami, and 3 hours from Orlando.  


  • Fast Growth. Cape Coral is one of the fastest growing cities in the U.S. experiencing a 2 percent growth rate annually
  • 8th Largest City in State of Florida. Cape Coral is a growing city with a small town feel.  There are nearly 200,000 permanent residents. 
  • Miami to Tampa. It is the largest city located between Miami and Tampa
  • Getting Younger. Median age is 42 and declining as more newcomers arrive, especially millennials. Cape Coral is a unique mix of young families and retirees. Many people live in Cape Coral and work in the surrounding areas.
  • Schools.  The Lee County School District has 4 high schools, 6 middle schools, and 7 elementary schools located in Cape Coral. In addition to the Lee County Schools the City of Cape Coral has it’s own charter school system. This provides parents with alternative educational choices. 

Key Rankings:

  • Ranked one of the safest cities in the state of Florida (WalletHub)
  • Ranked one of the 50 safest cities to raise a child (Safewise.com)
  • Ranked one the best U.S. cities to start a business (Inc. 2020 Surge Cities)
  • Cape Coral Metro Area listed as one of the Top 10 fastest-growing cities in the nation (Forbes Magazine, 2018)

Other important information:

  • No state income tax. This means you get more in your paycheck. 
  • Teachers and medical professionals are in high demand.  
  • Seasonal visitors provide additional income opportunities and tremendous flexibility.
  • Electricity cost are among the lowest in the state through Lee County Electric Coop.

For more information about Cape Coral we encourage you to visit the Cape Coral Economic Development Page. https://www.capecoral.net/edo/index.php

Experience Required
Entry level


Education Required
High school diploma

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2 years ago
Cape Coral, Florida


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